Original Poetry and Verse by Poet Emmo

Welcome to my poetry, rhyme, verse, prose and jingle corner of the web. I like to write poetry, captions and sayings, and I like to share these poems with you. You may use the poems and prose on these pages as long as you give me credit, and provide a link back if you have a web site. Please visit and shop online with our sponsors who help pay for this website.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. I will continue to maintain this website in his memory. Poet Emmo's webmaster.

Poet Emmo penned the following four final pieces before his death, to be published after he passed on...


Funny how time rolls by,
Have you ever wondered why?
And where does it ever really go?
Surely there is someone that must really know.

This I have pondered for some while,
Should we accept and gently smile?
Perhaps, that is how it should be.
And still I wonder why, just what will life bring?

I see only heartache that simply lies ahead.
Then one day all is gone, but another to carry on.
Until one day you are dead and gone, and the only time it will go,
Is when you, my friend, are dead.

Life Is Real

Many hands make light work,
Or so the saying goes.
And the reading of books maketh man,
Plus the wearing of the clothes.
Man must be smart,
And with his brain,
As everybody knows,
Plus a woman to keep them on their toes.
Life is such a funny thing,
We try to get it right,
Yet sometimes it does not happen,
This gives one such a fright.
So take notice of your heart,
And do the things you feel are right.
And then you will understand it all,
That life is very real.

Passing by

I passed by her window,
She was there writing,
So I stopped to stare,
And wondered for who did she care?

Oh how I loved her,
Yet she never knew,
That her loving another,
Made me feel blue.

One day she may learn,
Of these feelings I have,
Sincerely I hope,
Before I go to my grave.

Oh how I love her,
I wish she could tell,
Then things would,
Really be swell.

I passed by her window,
So many more times,
I saw her writing,
Just wondered to who?

Goodbye my Love my Vilie. Peace be with you.

The Ant

An ant has a brain as we all know,
You see it come you see it go,
And there are things about them,
I really wish to know.
Just how far can they see?
Do they ever get really ill?
And if they do, do they have to take a pill?
Have they doctors just like us?
And do their wives make a fuss?

Are there surgeons that stand by to operate?
If there is, then it must be great,
Do their kidneys function well?
And does the heart have a regular beat?
Can they hear a tiny noise?
And can their little ones simply play with toys?
Do they get married in a church?
Are there some who get left in the lurch?
They are strong, and they are bold,
But most of all, do they grow old?

Poet Emmo's last communication to me, his webmaster.

Hi there Alan, I hope that everyone is keeping well, and in good fettle. I thought I should send some more poetry, for you to browse over, and see if and when you get some time spare, you may feel like applying your genius to it. I do realize that you have so much to do on the web, that is why I am very pleased to leave all of this to your spare time if there is any. So Alan I wish to thank you for the time you give to my poetry, it would be nice if only I knew more about these computers, but I do not, you see some have it, and me I do not. Alan thank you for your time, very much appreciated,

Sincere and kind regards, Terry.


Poetry by Emmo

Life Given

Life is given for a while,
We keep life in custody,
Until the sentence,
Has come to pass.

Life's creation is our burden,
We are the guardians of life,
Sometimes we hurt and cry,
And other times we smile as it goes by.

What would be a humans worth,
Without this thing called life on earth?
No learning no interest,
Life unlived, not the best.

To have lived, to have loved,
Wondrous feelings filled with love,
Sometimes spiteful, sometimes sad,
You are alive my friend be glad.

The House Mouse

A little mouse ran through the house,
Looking for some food.
He met the cat who was very, very rude.
The cat said to the little mouse,
"I will have to eat you,
To stop you running through the house."
This amazed the tiny mouse,
He felt the cat was crude,
As indeed he always was,
This had happened all his life,
Ever since the cat was boss.
The mouse bought a little dog,
To chase the cat away,
And he lived happily,
Up to this very day.


A hedgehog chasing snails,
Ran into a garden fire,
He burnt all of his prickles off,
Now known as the bald hedgehog toff.

He runs through the grounds silently,
There never is a rustle,
And all because with a fire,
He simply had a tussle.

My Lady

The lady that is in my heart,
Loves going out to dinner,
A real stunning kind of girl,
A truly absolute winner.

She still has a little moan,
By saying that she is fat,
Yet I do not care,
For I love her and that is that.

A real darling in disguise,
She makes out that life is no surprise,
But I can see through her guise,
For I am not a fool.

I so love this darling girl,
For she is surely cool.
She exudes love, and real warmth,
And it belongs to me.

I am so thankful that she is mine,
This lady who is so kind.
And now that we are a "we",
It fills my heart with glee.

Blissful Loving

Seven days yet to go, and darling girl I want you to know,
When I arrive at your side, there will not be sadness to hide.
For I shall be so full of glee, you will wonder if itís me,
The happiest man on this earth, just loving you for all I am worth.

That missing feeling will be gone, and the loving will carry on,
Hugs and kisses by the score, and if you wish, there shall be more.
I am only sad while here, but when with you, I am full of cheer,
That is why I must return, for it is you, darling that makes my heart yearn.

It gives me the feeling of how love is meant to be,
Loving you and you loving me.
And later, as time slips by, leaving you, time to cry,
Coming back to this place, and leaving my loving mate.

What I wish for most in our life, is just pure bliss, no strife,
I want us to enjoy life, and love to the full.
Just so perfect is our love, the nicest love that is,
And should we ever veer from this, there shall cease the perfect bliss.

Can You See Me When You Hear?

At times one cannot see, or maybe even hear,
And somehow, I believe, that this is you my dear.
Take time from your book, take notice when you look,
If a little tear, makes you sad, be happy you can hear.

Now darling lady that I so love,
Give your brain a little shove,
Put gray matter into gear,
Then you will see and also hear.

Do not be so quick to jump,
For this may give me the hump,
Never mind about all this,
For loving you is pure sweet bliss.


To give forth love, the way you do,
Makes me just love you too,
So think before you destroy,
And keep these poems from this old boy.

I send all of these with my love,
And mean these words I say,
So keep these things very safe,
and do not throw them away.

Even if they fill your book,
Then buy another one,
And I will send you many more,
If you do not destroy.

So think before you leap,
Is the moral here,
For if you cast off one more,
I shall have to shed a tear.

Lost Forever

My Lady loved a poet type,
But never saved his verse,
Well once she did, and does not now,
So thatís what makes it worse.
If she really liked his work,
She would have made the effort,
Bought another book or two,
And duty should not shirk.
She cannot like the poetry that I send,
That really is not like a friend,
She just throws it all away,
And that makes me only say, redeem yourself,
Keep my poetry on a shelf, donít throw it all away...

A Sorrowful Ditty To My Pretty

Oh how I love my girl, the real pain in the arse,
Who destroys my poems, just willy-nilly
No thought for my feelings whatsoever, but I suppose that
This is what is called "being a couple", two people working together,
One writing poetry, and of course the other, just destroying the
Works of a real live genius.
I just happen to think, that I should take up needle work,
And then I suppose, that she would even be bitching about my stitching.
And if I were to knit, how could I pull the wool over her eyes,
For even if I were to sew, I am sure that that would have to go.
All I have left is the working of wood, and I suppose she would stop
That if she could. So is there a way that I may win,
For I still tend to live in sin. Alas poor one legged me, lost his poems,
And worst of all, to one of the garden gnomes.
So I will away and weep, for the her my poems to keep.
Now perhaps the witch will get the stitch through laughing -
Moan, moan bloody moan...

An Ode To The Moaning Minnies Of The World

Funny how I am always wrong,
I never do things right
But when I am dead and gone
People may see the light.

Maybe I have been a bad boy
Way back in the past,
Yet I could be your little toy,
If you will let it last.

But everything I say and do,
Gives rise to your complaint,
Always saying I am nasty,
Which I really am not.

One day perhaps when life is through,
And there is just reflection,
People that are left behind
Will understand rejection.

So Many Ways To Love You

There are a thousand ways to love you, Princess
And this is so very very true, for you are pleasing too,
The easiest of persons, my sweet, one that is you,
So to me there is no alternative to our success.

Of me you worry at all times, and give my heart
Very many palpitations, but that is fine by me,
For Darling I have noticed this from the start
See how happy it makes me, and fills me with glee.

Am I so deserving of this love that you do bestow
Upon this sometimes ugly head, which gives me a glow
Darling in return for this love, I will really try to learn
Giving you the feeling, that for me you yearn.......

You are the special lady in my life, 'tis so true
I should simply hate to ever lose you
A promise from this tongue I give to you
This at times ugly fellow, will always love just you.

A Smile So Missed

Darling I miss you,
I miss you so much,
I shall be happy to
Feel and to touch.

And to espy that smile
On your pretty face,
To have and to hold you
With wondrous grace.

Soon you arrive then
It starts over again
And you being near me
I shall not have pain.

But come the time
When you have to return
That love that we shared
Was well worth the learn.

Yes there will be tears
Of this I am sure
But after a while
We will meet once more.

My Love For You

Beautiful thoughts go through my head,
And they are all of you,
The thoughts that we will ever be just one,
Through anger, tears and woe.

We want no tears to cry, or anger,
And even woe, but if there is then it will have to go.
Many people argue, and many people split,
But I want to keep on loving you.

The story of utopia, and the story of pure love,
Is the ultimate in this life that is given from above.
So let us love each other, through those years that we have left,
And never let us look back, as if love is bereft.

Many years lie ahead, and many years to come,
Many years to hug and kiss,
I will always love you, throughout the years that are left,
So have no fear of losing it, for it will just be there.

Love Expressed

To walk, talk and hold your hand,
These are the things I understand,
A little hug, also a kiss,
These are also the things I miss.

To walk, and even talk with you,
These are those other things I so love to do;
Looking deep into those eyes,
And seeing all the thoughts good and wise.

Making plans we wish to work,
responsibilities not to shirk,
Finding out that love is grand,
By hugging and the holding hands.

Spending lots of time together,
In story climes, or sunny weather,
These are things, I love to do,
But my princess, most of all, is loving you.


Loving you is easy,
For the way that you behave,
That is why I love you,
from way back then until the grave.

But all that comes in between,
Is just sheer perfect love,
And I do so believe,
That it is sent from above.

If other people had this love,
That you do give to me,
Then they would know such happiness,
Just the same as you give to me.

Why canít others have love like this,
And have a girl like you,
Just as long as it is someone else,
Then that will have to do.

I just would not share you,
For you are my one true love,
Just keep yourself for me,
And then you will find my love for you is free.

I love to tease and please you,
Almost every day,
This helps to keep our love alive,
In the nicest kind of way.

And I so love to hug and kiss you,
It is pleasure I derive,
And the nicest thing about all of this,
Is just to feel alive.

Walking some while hand in hand,
And feeling so content,
The time that we are together,
Is really heaven sent.

I know how much you return my love,
And that is treble fold,
But I wish that we were getting younger,
Instead of growing old.

The hope we have,
Is for many years to come,
And just to go on loving,
Each other like how itís all been done.

It is like beauty and the beast,
And me as second part,
But the wonder of it all,
Is you are my very own sweetheart.

The Need For Prayer

We all need to say a prayer,
Every one everywhere,
The trials we face each day,
Gives us that reason to pray.

We all tend to sin and such,
We need God as our crutch,
Look around then you will see,
People worse of than thee.

So change your life around,
Lift your eyes from the ground,
A second change He will give,
So you are able to really live.

Put your hands together,
Say that little prayer,
Show the world you are happy,
And how much you care.

Say a prayer for Jesus,
Open up your heart,
He will stand beside you,
He will not ever depart.

To My Friend

How do you view a friendship?
How do you explain?
That rapport there is in the fore.
Like others that have passed before.
What kind of value could you put on that?
It is far beyond the norm.
As friends can face any storm.
So lift your spirits high my friend.
A friendship made until the end.

Easter Time

Easter rabbits with hats and bows,
Loving Easter as everyone knows,
On parade with eggs and chicks,
No wonder that is why people pick,
This time of year to emit love,
And give all to God above.
He gave his life that we may live,
There is nothing stronger he could give.
This is love in its true form,
Keeping people he loves from harm,
Please spare a thought for others too,
Truly is the thing to do.
Be thankful you are alive,
For through the Lord you survive.

Columbia Is Gone

Returning back to earth from space,
Seven heroes with dignity and grace,
The Columbia rocket destined to die,
Was seen exploding in the sky.

With the loss of seven lives,
Leaving widows of their wives,
Children lost with their dads gone,
God give them strength to carry on.

The world salutes those who lost,
Their precious lives,
Our hearts and thoughts,
Are with each wife.

God take these heroes,
And cherish their memories,
And for their dedication,
Set their souls free.

Poet Emmo February 2, 2003

Cold Season

Winter now on the wane,
Wish not to see one again,
Yet like all the things in life,
Sure to return to present strife.

How I wish for summer time,
All year round; hold back winter,
And put it into full recline,
Let us enjoy once again.

Weather warmer day by day,
Keep the cold days at bay,
Then just laze in the sun,
Just right for every one.

So God please give us the time,
To relax as we need this clime,
Then we will face another day,
Come which will and what may.

A Fleeting Visit

Here I sit and you are gone,
How can I just carry on?
How I hate to be alone,
Yet there is the telephone.

But speaking to you via the phone,
Is not the same, as when you are home,
World leaders and their threat of war too,
Have really put a scare in you.

Maybe one day it all will stop,
Then once more you will be on top,
But until then, it causes pain,
Oh how I want this all to wane.

Love - The Word

Is the word LOVE just a word,
Or is it something that need be heard?
Should it be said to the one you love,
Like the bill and coo of a turtle dove?

Our need to love is very strong,
Much nicer as love travels on,
It gives pleasure to the one you love,
All given to us from God above.


By a lake, a willow tree,
Also there a seat for me,
A shady spot to sit and read,
While watching the world and taking heed.

The world goes by day by day,
There really is no other way,
Life's pleasantries are always there,
Live life wisely, show that you care.

The world keeps turning, never stops,
Bringing all the seasons and rain drops,
Tides keep turning, moon abounds,
Seasons come with sights and sounds.

They all pass by on their way,
To travel round then to return,
Like a spaceship on an orbit burn,
Look to the heaven and find the way.


The whole world has gone crazy,
Arguments and war leaving one's brain hazy,
Why should people have this pain,
Time and Time and more again?

Were we born to always fight,
Trying hard to show some might?
We do not need all this pain,
For most of all there is no gain.

Of Life

Nice things that are all around,
Birds and Flowers which abound,
All come to give us,
That special way we live.

Waking up as each day does dawn,
Gives to us a pleasant morn,
Working hard throughout the day,
Surely this should be the way.

Some Verses for Valentine's Day

Each year I want to be your Valentine,
And here is hoping you want to be mine,
I love you from a view so far,
For that is the mystery and there you are.
Be my Valentine.

Twelve months have past,
And it is Valentine's Day again,
Weathered the sun, the snow, also the cold old rain,
And I ask you, please be my Valentine.

Like a birthday, Valentine's come once a year,
So will you be my Valentine, my dear?

Two hearts entwine,
Simply Valentine.

So Still

In the still of the night,
Not a song from a bird,
Yet there is the croak,
Of a very disturbed frog.

The fish in the pond play and swim,
'Tis much safer for them now,
A glistening moon shines down,
To give life to the night.

Far off the hoot of an owl,
As he catches his long awaited meal,
Slowly the hedgehog roams about,
Wanting to play with the snails.

In the stillness of the night,
Time moves slowly toward morning,
The heralding day soon to begin,
And too soon the stillness has gone.


We try so hard to go to sleep,
Sleep does not come,
Therefore we weep for some sleep,
Yet the night just carries on.

We struggle hard to get that rest,
But still somehow we find the zest,
To sit and pen a poem or two,
That is the thing to get us through.

So here I sit and do just that thing,
While a thought or two I put to pen,
Hoping I can finish then get to sleep,
But if sleep does not follow, it can make you weep.

After using the poetic brain I shall try to sleep again,
And if by chance I do dream, will it mean,
That I have found the deep sleep scheme?
To rest and sleep once again.

Solitude Of The Star

I dearly love those bright starry nights,
Sitting down and tracing them through the sky,
Wondering who put them there,
And how they shine every where.

Wonder is a lovely thing it keeps,
Your brain alive, in order to survive,
Life is interesting as each day and night appears,
Although there are still fears.

If you wish to lose those fears,
Then I suggest that you sit,
And look toward the sky,
Look at stars and brush away each tear.

But the best is the solitude,
The stillness of the night,
The brightness of those stars,
When we watch them through the night.

Perfect Christmas

How nice that Christmas nears,
Bringing happiness and no tears.
Together round the fire and tree,
Cuddling up, you and me.

Opening presents by the score,
Wrapping paper on the floor.
Lots of food to keep us warm,
And trying hard to stay calm.

Eating fruit and many nuts,
No arguing, ifs or buts.
Just real peace and contentment,
A perfect Christmas heaven sent.


Who visits Santa Claus,
To give him lots of things?
Does anybody think of him,
When the bells of Christmas ring?

I am afraid that no one does,
They really do not care,
Why are people selfish,
And never wish to share?

He brings lots of presents,
He dearly loves to please,
And while in his grotto,
He has children on his knees.

This dear old chap,
Just maybe a myth,
Does anyone really care,
For this old chap is always there?

He travels through the weather,
If it is bad or good,
He just gives out presents,
Like any Santa would.

Well Santa some people may forget,
Yet we all know you are the best we get.
So please keep up the good work,
Don't let those tiny elves shirk.

And keep feeding the reindeer,
Ands give them lots of love,
Then we will be sure,
To see you all in the skies above.

So thank you dear old Santa,
For all the things you do,
We all know you love us,
For you are the one who's true.

A Cry

Why does a baby cry,
In the middle of the night?
Is it something that is in built,
To give their parents fright?

Or is that they are hungry,
And maybe they have pain?
You finally get them settled,
And they just start over once again.

Although we really love them,
They tend to drag us down.
Life is treated as a circus,
With you as the circus clown.

But when they grow up,
And have children of their own.
They find out what it is,
To have a little moan.

Yet life is but a circle,
That keeps on turning round.
And these little darlings,
Drive you in the ground.

You would not do without them,
As with your love you show.
By the look on your face,
Which is called the parent glow.


What has happened to the bikers,
That used to ride our roads?
They seem to have disappeared,
Like our old fashioned toads.

Theirs was a good fraternity,
And they would always help,
Each and anyone in distress,
A true sort of certainty.

Where have all the bikers gone,
Why have they disappeared?
Is it the government that,
Has given rise to some fears?

Somehow I do not think so,
As these were men very,
Brave and exceptionally true,
Do you miss the bikers like I do?

Lost Hearing Aid

These things were put away,
To be ready for another day,
In a safe place they were hid,
Not safe at all, who do I kid?

Such a wondrous thing a hearing aid,
But not when they are in the shade,
I must remember to put them on show,
So I will know where to go.

And find them where they were put,
Yet everything I put away,
I need to remember where each day,
But alas I never do.

I need to get another pair,
Then I would hear them anywhere,
And then they would not be lost,
And all would not be extra cost.

The Longest Wait

Is it you or is it me?
The call never came, was it to be?
That I was out of sight,
And out of mind.

I do suppose that this,
I shall really find I miss,
Because when there is someone there,
You seem to me to not care.

The promise that you made,
Was badly broken,
And a word in jest,
Is truly spoken.

So please in future,
Let me sleep on,
At least until,
Your guest has gone.

Then you will have,
More time to speak,
And will not turn,
Your other cheek.

So talk to me tomorrow night,
I shall be here, though out of sight,
Then a few words,
We shall share.

And by this time,
You may once more care,
For darling you never do,
When someone else is there with you.

The Postman

We have a local postman,
A rather happy chap,
His post bag around his neck,
It rests against his lap.

He delivers lots of mail,
Just little faster than a snail,
And soon by gee by golly,
He is going to get a trolley.

Then a little faster he may go,
No more mail delivered slow,
Then he wont have time to chat,
With the folk on their doormat.

And as the time changes day by day,
This postman will still go on his way,
This postman is a happy man,
Why because he has a fan.

That fan is me I am pleased to say,
The postman really makes my day,
He puts the letters through my door,
And they gently drop to the floor.

Thank you postie for all you do,
A charming man good and true,
When you retire and leave this work,
Will we get one that does not shirk?

I See

I see the stars at night,
I see the light by day,
I see the winter snow,
The summer sun and its glow.

I see the things that are good,
Also the things which are bad,
I see the very happy times,
And the ones that are sad.

I see this life through my eyes,
I see the truth and the lies,
I see the rich and the poor,
I have seen enough, no wish for more.

When Boys

A pretty girl in a dress,
Her brother always in a mess,
She dances on her dainty toes,
And he runs around in ragged clothes.

Their parents always working hard,
Try to keep them well fed,
The brother just a little tike,
Never to be clean and neat.

But one day when he is grown,
He will have children of his own,
Then he will then realize,
That this is really no surprise.

That little girls keep clean,
While little boys are really mean,
They tear and rip their clothes apart,
And simply break their parents heart.

Santa's Glow

All children wait for Santa Claus,
They want to see if they get toys,
And if they have learned through the year,
Their manners well, there will be no tear.

Then Christmas Eve Santa will call,
With lots of toys for one and all,
So children please be good,
As you all know that you could.

Then there will be no need to weep,
And Santa will visit when you sleep,
Yes when you wake on Christmas Morn,
Brand new toys, no partly worn.

So give your best through out the year,
Then you will have that special cheer,
Those years ahead will come and go,
Then you will see the Santa glow.

A Prayer To Santa

Santa here is my prayer,
I find that life is unfair,
My brother and my sister too,
Think that my behavior is kind of rare.

I do the things that parents ask,
I will tackle any task,
Yet they sit back and just glare,
Thinking my behavior rare.

So Santa may I have a bike,
For I am just a loving tike,
But still I will do my chores,
With all my love to you and yours.

Who Loves Santa

Can someone tell me please,
Is there someone who,
Sits Santa on their knees,
To ask what he needs?

It appears he is left alone,
To do these things on his own,
Does any one love Santa,
The way they really should?

For he is so deserving,
As he is really good,
So Santa I love you,
For all those things you do.

And when I grow into a man,
I have hatched a little plan,
I want so very much to please,
That I shall sit you on my knees.

Santa's Calling

Santa's reindeers are the best,
They pull his sleigh two abreast,
And what is really fine,
They pull it with four inline.

The weight that they need to pull,
Would mean some kind of stronger tool,
But with gusto and great joy,
They visit every girl and boy.

So Santa please, keep having,
Lots of children on your knees,
You work wonders for one and all,
Each and every time you call.

This Useless Object In My Life

I really this hate this computer,
For it likes to give me grief,
And I cannot stand the nasty things,
It does each time I try to use it.

I feel that I want to smash it up,
And just simply give it a whack,
In fact I want to abuse it,
And never again to have it back.

We make machines such as these,
That never work as they should,
Sometimes I sit and wish,
That they were made of wood.

Then it would be another story,
As when it was set alight,
Then to me it would simply be,
My final moment of computer glory.

My Kiss Upon Your Brow

As I place a kiss upon your brow,
And gaze into those eyes,
I see how much you love me,
Why is that no surprise.

For with those eyes and that smile,
It tells to me just how you,
Have loved me for a while,
Thank you Darling I love you too.

Not knowing how long we have,
And what we may someday do,
But the love you give to me,
Will surely see us through.

Let us hope for years ahead,
Spending years together,
Long before we are dead,
Thank you for those coming years.

And as I place that kiss,
High upon your brow,
I see the tears of love,
Thank you darling, I love you too.

Thank You For Christmas

Santa I am a little child,
I wait for you to come,
Please will you bring some presents,
For my dad and mom.

I really have been a good child,
Done all that I was asked,
I have not been running wild,
So I am not unmasked.

Yet I am like those others,
That wish for you to call,
So come dear old Santa,
With presents for one and all.

Father needs a new car,
Mommy needs some clothes,
Sister wants a dolly,
While my brother wants a new nose.

He had it busted while at school,
For getting in a fight,
So Santa please will you call,
At our family house tonight.

We have loved you dearly,
From the day that we were born,
And when you have delivered,
It heralds in Christmas morn.

But Santa if you have enough toys,
To give to other girls and boys,
For Santa this is my plan,
Please give them all you can.

And I know that they will,
Grow into loving women and men,
And they will each have children,
And this starts over once again.

Seasons Abound

The wind rustling through the trees,
During the summer time,
Brings forth a pleasant aromatic breeze,
It speaks of nature that is all around.

The birds that wing on the wind,
Come to know that this gentle breeze,
Gives a lift to their very short lives,
As nature just travels on.

The flowers are helped by the gentle rain,
As the seasons go around again,
What is life we may ask,
It is that special kind of task?

The being of a nature we have come to love,
And the birds on wing high above,
That rustling of wind through the trees,
And most of all, that oh so gentle breeze.


Nature is just wonderful,
It gives meaning to life,
Like the flowers that grow,
And maybe a loving wife.

The air we breath and such,
These things I like so very much,
The sun the moon,
And wind and rain.

Nature simply takes the strain,
But we have to face some pain,
The parting and the dying too,
These are the things for me and you.

Yet after all has passed on by,
The human race goes on and why,
It is the thing that we wish to know,
How nature really works and so.

Nature is a wondrous thing,
Brings forth life and many a thing,
Yet it can be cruel and here the why,
For in the end we up and die.


Time is on your side,
Until age turns the tide,
Then too soon all is gone,
And then no more to carry on.

Funny thing is this our life,
For we face all kinds of strife,
The heart ache and the pain,
Goes away only to return again.

It has been this way for so long,
But for us one day it is gone,
Would it be nice eternal life,
Could we face extra strife?

I think not, although life can be sweet,
Would it, could it be a kind of treat?
Who knows what would lay ahead,
Only that, one day we would all be dead.

Far Away

I am far away from you my dear,
Although I would prefer near,
More closer than the eye can see,
Just tightly welded you and me.

Why must the world be so cruel,
And make me such an utter fool,
The lesson I ought to have learned,
I did not, so got my fingers burned.

I hope that things are not too late,
Now that I have you as my mate,
And Darling this is for you to know,
I love you more, and rightly so.

We may be miles and miles apart,
But still the love is in my heart,
And finally I have to say,
Darling I miss you more each day.

Loneliness At Night

How lonely the night can be,
I wonder if the stars are lonely too?
Animals like to rest at night,
Do they ever feel this plight?

There must be many lonely things,
That enjoy these lonely nights,
But I cannot think of many,
And this has become my plight.

Loneliness something to bear,
Loneliness something we do not share,
For if we did there would be no loneliness,
And this world of ours would not be a mess.

So look toward a brighter night,
We would not have to face this plight,
And should the loneliness go away,
It would make the night as bright as day.


What makes a Woman
Understand a man?
The way that women do
And always really can.

They seem to have
This special gift,
That often gives
Rise to a rift.

They often jump the gun
And stop us men,
From having fun
More often now than then.

And should they relax
For just a while,
On their face no bright kind of smile
And that is a well known fact.

So men do not smile
Let that woman understand,
That she has another lesson to learn
Every once in a while.

Retired And Watching

Now that I am retired,
I watch the world go by,
And I see very many things,
And find there are some I really want to try.

I would like to bathe an Elephant,
Maybe ride a Kangaroo,
Jump from an aeroplane,
Among some things I would like to do.

There is no limit to things out there,
Things to do and things to share,
Life can be enjoyed by one and all,
So get out there and have a ball.

Enjoy your life to the full,
Make this a simple kind of rule,
For once you are dead and gone,
You are not there to carry on.

Get off of your butt,
And out of that rut,
Leave no money to the kid,
This is what many have done and did.

Spend your money as you go,
For tomorrow may never come,
Don't save for that rainy day,
For there is mostly sun.

Observe life as it really is,
Watch the heartache and the pain,
Steer clear of this my friend,
And then you will have a very happy end.


Sitting at night dreaming of the day gone by,
Can anyone tell me why we dream in our minds eye?
Is it because it is pleasant just to dream,
Or is it because we just like to scheme?

Perhaps it is because everyone does,
Or could it be that one gets a buzz?
Can anyone tell me, please try to explain,
Why we tend to dream of heart ache and pain?

So I will carry on dreaming,
For it makes me feel good,
To face heart ache and pain,
Yes I will do it all over again.

Love From A Mothers Child

A mothers dream is to be so very kind,
That is why you dear mother are on my mind,
You taught me right from all the wrong,
You gave me strength to carry on.

So on this very special day,
I just have this to say,
Thank you for all you did,
From your ever loving kid.

I Love you!
I Love you!
I Love you!
I Love you!

The Queen Mum

Most glorious Lady, the Queen Mum,
Could not make one hundred and two,
Yet reached one hundred and one,
Rest in perfect peace beloved Queen Mum.

For many years you work and toiled tirelessly,
Kept the English soul together,
Attended all those functions that were to be,
So God bless you Ma'am, to you from me.

No time for sadness or remorse,
Just time for us to reflect,
How such a woman as yourself,
Commanded so much respect.

It is not hard to realize,
The nice things you achieved,
For you were born to lead,
And Ma'am at this you did succeed.

So take you place in heaven,
Teach those loving angels,
A little trick or two,
Dearest Lady every person misses you.

God Bless and keep you.

Original Work By Emmo.

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