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This is Page 2 (Click here to go to Page 1) of my poetry, rhyme, verse, prose and jingle corner of the web. I like to write poetry, captions and sayings, and I like to share these poems with you. You may use the poems and prose on as long as you give me credit, and provide a link back if you have a website. Please shop and search our online shops to help support this site.  

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Poetry corner with poet Emmo and his original poems, rhymes and verse.


Photograph of Poet Emmo author of original poetry


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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. I will continue to maintain this website in his memory.  Poet Emmo's webmaster.


Funny how time rolls by,
Have you ever wondered why?
And where does it ever really go?
Surely there is someone that must really know.
This I have pondered for some while,
Should we accept and gently smile?
Perhaps, that is how it should be.
And still I wonder why,
Just what will life bring?
I see only heartache,
That simply lies ahead.
Then one day all is gone,
But another to carry on.
Until one day,
You are dead and gone.
And the only time it will go,
Is when you, my friend, are dead.

Sheltered Thoughts

In the shelter of my mind,
There are thoughts I keep,
I do not like to divulge,
Because they belong to me.

Yet people wish to know,
So I go on letting them think,
This is a stupid mind I have,
Which justifies my thoughts.

Someday I may relent,
And share these with another,
But at present it will remain the same,
Then no one can get the blame.

These are not secrets,
Just plain old common sense,
Better to be deep,
Rather than be dead.

Declining Years

Almost the middle of the year,
Time passes very fast I fear,
When we were young,
It did seem slow but now,
As we get older it appears not so.

A few years back all was well,
But years on it gives us time to dwell,
And dwell we shall, as others have before,
While watching time slip through the door,
Yes we get older day by day.

Pure Air

Breakfast on the nice green lawn,
This surely heralds a summers morn,
Breathing in nice clean air,
Not usually found everywhere.

Yet in these hills there is plenty,
Cannot beat country life,
Much better than the city,
And far, far less strife.

Sleepy Old Raccoon

Raccoon rocker Ricky,
Was caught fast asleep,
When Alan went outside,
To have a smoke, he did peep.

Yes he crept upon this raccoon,
Who was so cozy and so warm,
Did not mean to scare poor Alan,
Or do him any kind harm.

Alan tried to chase him off,
But that raccoon did not wish to go,
So Alan called the animal welfare,
For that is all that he did know.

They tried to eject him,
But he just would not go,
Then one more try,
And this raccoon leapt for his life.

Away above the workshop,
Suddenly all was quite at last,
All seemed slow, but really it was fast,
Soon things were back to normal.

Peace at long last for Alan,
So here ends the saga,
Of Alan and the raccoon,
Now he is off to have a lager.


Imagine times gone by and where they went,
It is told to us that progress, is the reason why,
Many things have altered, and many thing been lost,
And when we stop to think about it, what has been the cost?

Things have now reached a certain kind of peak,
The strong get stronger, the weak stay weak,
And in among it all somewhere, we will find the meek,
But there is another side to it, there are those who still have cheek.

I am not too pleased with how things have gone,
And though at times I feel depressed, and wrong,
I try my Damnedest to be pretty strong,
That is why this old poet carries on.

Perhaps one day, so very near,
We will have something to cheer,
And with Gods strength and speed,
We may see an end to down right greed.

How Life Goes

For many years I have lived, had a life just fine,
Always able to have many friends,
And sometimes with them I 'd go out to dine,
I would sell odds and very many ends.

I never ever shirked, I was one that always worked,
That is why I could lead my life my way,
And very seldom used my weekly pay,
Oh! how many people that this irked.

But near to end of life at last,
Just hope and pray it does not go fast,
Whatever time there is to just enjoy,
I will indeed, believe this real old boy.


Watching birds in the sky, each and every time they fly,
Seeing people in a special type of wondrous light,
Always trying to put the whole world right,
Failing to see where we go wrong, still we can get along.

This is why we are given life, yet to live it true,
Many people don't, and very many do,
So just stop to think a while, and give a little smile,
Then you will really find, that this is the shortest mile.

The Misread Poet

Why can poetry calm the angriest of men?
And when they are way up in the air,
That poetry of all kinds, brings them back again,
I guess that it is the beauty that is always there.

Now if you ever feel that things are pretty rough,
Go and read some poetry, don't make out you're tough,
You will find the calming effect, and I am sure you won't object,
For when you read some poetry, this is what I suspect.

I give to you this reason, why I write so much poetry,
Somehow when I turn to it, poetry sets me free,
I have learned to be better than I ever was,
All to do with poetry and just simply because.

Although through out the years people had thought me tough,
But I really was not that way for I was not good enough,
So for many years I have turned to my beloved poetry,
And I shall simply stay this way, for that is how I want to be.

Circling Seasons

Summer time has once more gone,
It has bought the autumn or the fall on,
Then sets in the winter, which brings cold and snow,
These are the months animals hibernate,
Then wake again in the spring, to find that things are great,
Find the flowers growing, also to find a mate,
There are birds that sing out, when other birds are about,
The wolves that howl along the way, that do have many things to say,
Now summer once more here for awhile, and on your face a lovely smile,
See my friend, what seasons do, it really is all up to you,
If you are girl or a boy, just go out there and enjoy,
For all to soon it will be gone, once more the seasons carry on.

Go To It

Why not be friends with the whole wide world?
Just try and you may see how life really is,
You will find many things unfold,
I have been there, and that is why you are told.

Sometimes life deals you various blows, you get the highs,
But there are the times, you also get the lows,
But be strong, and shrug them off, don't let things get you down,
Even if you change your ways, and act like a real nice clown.

So wake up to the world, it holds surprises untold,
Just go and do this lovely thing, before you are too old,
Go give people pleasure, and find how nice it is,
'Tis such a wonderful thing, it really is the biz.

I will promise that you will like it, for many, many years,
In fact all of your life, yes this takes away the tears,
Be a real nice person, show others how you really are,
And it will satisfy you, and take you very far.

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What Are You Missing?

Hurrying scurrying, heads just hanging very low,
No expression on their face, as of to work they go,
Life appears to pass them by,
Interest in life none, it perturbs me, and I wonder why.

Are they morons, or are they alive
Just as of bees around a hive.
Perhaps not, but they do need to live,
And through their lives, they need to give.

Please people awake and see,
There is a world, for you and me,
Don't hurry or scurry, lead life in ease,
Do things worthwhile, and things that please.

Seasons Four

Leaves falling gently from the trees,
The Fall has returned 'tis true,
The sunnier sun that shone,
Has once more simply gone.

Then all to soon, winter appears,
Bringing grief, and also tears,
And just as soon as it showed it's face,
It recedes with a kind of grace.

Now spring, has opened up its eyes,
Flowers on the bloom, nice surprise,
Getting better day by day,
Heading to the summer way.

Sun is shining, summer's here,
Bringing forth so much cheer,
All I can say is, this is our need,
We need the seasons, yes indeed.

The Duchess

Of slight build, and normal height, this son of hers found her alright,
Although it was hard to show her how I did feel, for I was a down right heel,
But loved her indeed I did, from when I was just that little kid,
Yet circumstances got in the way, never gave me the time.

To tell her how I loved her, for whatever reason or rhyme,
She worked her butt of every day, to put food upon the table,
Oh yes I done little things, when and where I was able,
Providing I found time.

I never called her Mother, like other children do,
My name for this loving Lady,
Was Duchess that is true,
And never shall I forget her.

She sometimes had a temper, maybe I would get a whack,
But as many children did, I never once hit back,
Yes I loved this Duchess, far beyond compare,
Though she has long demised.

When I feel low and unhappy, I know that she is there,
She looks down from heaven, when I am anywhere,
Sends the loving that she always gave to me,
So God please keep her safe, just unto thee.

Worse Than The Demon Drink

Funny life, this life we lead
Times that the heart does bleed
Families are raised, through life
A happy union, but not with a wife.

The things we say, and also do
The love I gave, was not enough for you
So in your wisdom, you left me
Alone at last, but not yet free.

From family of children four
You did not want them anymore
Two young two older, one who
Was married and long gone

There was I to carry on
The youngest two were six and ten
The eldest boy of fifteen plus
To you was nothing more than puss.

Like a boil, that was a blight in your life
Just killed his love as if with knife
But he was like his dear old Dad
Done many things, that made you mad.

The nice times gone OH! my
Yes I sit and wonder why
You were, so cruel to leave
Three that were so young.

Many years have since passed
But the question that I need to ask
Why did you make their lives
A real hard task.

They loved you so very much,
Yet you chose, not to keep in touch
Then finally they came to you
You did not know quite what to do.

Reluctantly you gave in
As if it were a kind of sin
They stuck by you through
The thick and the thin.

Your hurt for them just left a scar
Why on earth did you go this far
Why did you leave their lives ajar
After all you was their Ma.

You lead a life of dance and such
Why on earth does this mean so much
To me the children should be ones life
Not to live on the edge of a knife.

But selfish you always were
Like a bitch on heat
Seeking out a Cur,
Which you did.

Now you near your end of life
Look back and see you were no wife
Just a good time girl
Your silly head in some kind of swirl.

Was the grass greener on the other side
Or did you find that it had things unforeseen
Was you cherished as this new mans queen
No, just an object of his desire.

Am I bitter, you can bet your life,
For you really were the demon wife
If I had foreseen reasons why
I could have simply said you just go fly.

Donít Wait

Go to work just to make some money, this enables you to live,
And at certain times throughout the year presents to buy and give.
Like Christmas, and Birthdays too,
These are the things you love to do,

Seeing the smiles on peoples faces.
By doing this you get in return warm embraces,
Even a little kiss or two,
That is the loving shown to you.

So just carry on and go to work,
It really does not pay to shirk,
Put a smile on some ones face
By giving them also a warm embrace.

Get that feeling of loving worth,
By far the nicest feeling on this earth,
For when you have passed on,
There is nothing, all is gone.

Emmo 2001


To feel this love I have for you
So very strong, so very true.
I love you more every day
Just stays with me, will not go away.

Love You

Romantic thoughts go through my mind
Why? Because you are the loving kind.
You are perfect in every way.
I love you true, that is all I can say.


The smell of flowers in the Spring,
Truly such a wondrous thing.
Moon and Sun in the sky
Brings forth a tear in your eye.
And walking in the wood, after rain
Another smell, once again.
The wildness there within, the mice,
Snakes and other things.
A bird, a frog, and wood lice,
Go to make that walk in the woods very nice.
The funny smell, that does abound,
comes from wet leafs on the ground.
Nature is a wonderful thing,
So true to life, so full of zing.


Many times I wonder why such things as stars in the sky
A white cloud on brilliant days
And the type that come with rain
That cause a haze.
Stars just twinkle bright,
When skies are clear at night.
And when eclipse covers moon for awhile,
But over soon. How this makes life worthwhile,
Especially coupled with a smile.


My life is almost over,
But I enjoyed most every day.
Seldom there has been a blimp
In very many ways.
Some funny things, and few that were really bad,
Just helped to sometimes get me mad.
But life will go on,
Even when I am dead and gone.


A babbling brook in the shade
Heaven sent, heaven made.
Tarry awhile, recuperate,
Gain back some strength to carry on,
For all too soon, rest has gone,
And if you can find a place the very same,
Stop awhile and rest again.

A While Ago

Riding on a train as a boy
Happiness, perfect joy.
Head out of window truly no joke,
To find around your head thick black smoke.
But these are the kinds of things we did,
When I was just a little kid.
Down to the coast, for one whole day,
These memories are here to stay.
Then back home, no matter if there was rain,
for you were safely on that train.
And now that things have progressed,
Nothing like our success,
Modern things do not last,
But ours have from the past.

Somewhere A God

Far off a distant place, somewhere out there in space.
Not an ogre with staff or rod, but an idol we call God.
While watching o'er all we do, loving us and being true.
He forgives the sins that we commit, still we never learn not one bit.
And the many times we make a fuss, he never turns away from us.
A daily prayer will give us faith and hope, so go and pray do not mope.
Miracles may be small, better than none at all.
Just look to heaven in the skies, be god fearing healthy and wise.

Emmo 2001


Through seasons of the year, sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear.
We watch the changing through the fall, this is when we hardly smile at all.
Then spring appears, with wonderous grace, to put a smile back on our face.
And then the summer in full bloom, alas to end all too soon.
The flowers die, another season has passed by.

Emmo 2001


Nature hides yet put things right, it works throughout day and night.
Repairs many things that go wrong, and simply helps our lives along.
Then when life passes by, nature lets us just fade and die.
In death we are returned to ground, and then gone,
But the wonder of nature carrys on.

Emmo 2001


Nature what a splendid thing,
Air to breathe and bells to ring,
Nature such a splendid thing.

We are born,
To the parents, such a happy morn,
Then while on the way to growing up,
There are many a hiccup.

As Children often do,
They catch the Measles and maybe the Flu,
Some times you donít know what to do for the best,
So you decide to take a rest.

They then get better and all is gone,
Allowing you once more to carry on,
Back comes your zing,
Yes Nature such a splendid thing.

The way life decides to go is not for you to know,
But Nature has it under control,
It really does mold your soul,
Nature what a splendid thing.

All Said In One

Throughout the years there have been tears, and even fears at times.
For all a part of growing up, these reasons and all these rhymes.

From the Cradle you begin to grow,
Things to learn, and some not to know.

Bad things to be put aside, the good you need not hide,
For these you simply flow with the tide.

All Life a process of learning,
And in between a sort of yearning,
Makes growing up real nice.

The lovely things learnt along the highway of life,
Unfortunately sometimes strife.

To cope with this we can do,
For there are others growing up too,
But now the downward trend begins.

There is an ending to life, for someday to die, and depart the Human race,
But if you have done your living right, a smile upon your face.
Depart my friend from this Earth with Dignity and Grace.

Do Not Decry

Do not decry another's sin, for you commit them the very same,
And as you know it is easy to lay pure blame.

A wise Old Sage once did say,
Live to fight another day,

So be the nicest one around,
And lay bad thoughts in the ground.

Think nice thoughts of every one, learn to be forgiving my friend,
Just be happy and give a smile, every once in a while.

In between give out a Hug,
Try not to be an old ugly bug,

Remember nobody likes an ignorant so
And so.

Now all of this said, there is not more to say,
So all that is left, Friend, have a real nice day.

A Wish For You

This is another Birthday wish, to help your dreams come true.
You are wished all the very best, this day belongs to you.

So spend the day the way, that it should be spent.
Going out to enjoy yourself, and acting like a gent.

Doing all those thousand things that you had meant to do, and in your own sort of way,
Now all that is left, for me to add is have a real nice day.

I Bet

At last you have come of age, you have become adult.

The only thing for you to do is relish in this glory.
Knowing of the days gone past, but that, is another story.

While growing up you often said Oh! One day when I get older I will lie in bed.

This is a thought untrue, for now that you have come of age,
It is something you cannot do.

For now you find to have been a child, was really rather kind of wild.

You no longer go to School, you have to go to work, so I will bet you even money,
That you would still be young , and leave behind that silly notion,
Of not wanting to be a Child.

But in spite of this have a happy Birthday.


Donít be good, be naughty.
Now you have reached the ripe old age.
They say life begins at Forty.
Happy Fortieth.

Perfect Friend

You are the perfect person, in all the things you do,
You never seem to worry, about the funny events of life.
I have often wished to have asked you, do you ever feel any strife,
Do you ever feel kind of blue,
Or is there some thing magic in all you choose to do.
People would be so lucky, if they had a friend like you.
So take these wishes that I give to you,
For this very special day,
And please understand my friend
There is nothing more that I can say to you
So have a happy birthday.

To You

To wish you a Happy Birthday,
Is what I choose to do, in the most sincere kind of way,
Simply by being my friend in every nicest way,
You have my true affections, and will for ever more.
Have the very best birthday possible.


Greetings on your Birthday I simply send to you.
Wishing all kinds of everything, hoping it all comes true.
And when this Birthday has made you older, maybe wiser too,
Just let the years roll gently by for that is the thing to do.
Another year to reckon with, no hardship should befall,
So hold your head up high and simply my friend, walk tall.


A happy Birthday just for you,
And with all my wishes too,
And now you are older by another year,
It is about time you knew what to do.
Go enjoy it.


Thoughts to share with a friend, also many happy times.
Being there just for them, and helping them through life.
Is the perfect way not to cause them strife.

Aiding and abetting them in the things they wish to do.
Providing it is legal, and really thoughtful too,
So just be a friend so true.


Why do we cry throughout our lives,
And why do we commit sin.

Are we just that ignorant, we cannot see what is true.
Or is it we are plain selfish in every thing we do.

And have no feelings for others, and want everything they need.
I do know what it really is, it is just simply Greed.

So look no farther than this my friend,
For that is the way a friendship ends.


Happiness is doing what is right, Sadness is being caught out doing all things wrong
Loving someone is when you decide to sing, a lovely type of song.
But if you should only mumble, never seeming to take heed,
You will know that you have done wrong
By the way that your heart bleeds.
So go straighten up and try to be a man,
Get rid of all unhappiness, just try harder if you can.


Christmas Time is once again, a joyous season to behold,
Truth of life still untold.

So season presents are bought to bear,
Some of Gold and some so fair,
Given with blessings too, and love from the heart.

A lofty type of Christmas tree, on which to carry gifts,
And pretty lights to show it off, plus fairy sat aloft.

Christmas dinner so very big, turkey Roast and Suckling Pig,
Fruit and nuts to follow on all eaten up until all gone.

Then Christmas past, go through the year,
Then round once more for it to appear,
True meaning of the Yule forgot,

Then Easter is another Festival of Religion,
But just one more thing that has passed by,
Can Mankind be forgiven.

EMMO, DEC, 1999.


Wishing Hoping Praying too, of finer things to life,
Like candy bars, Riches Screaming Kids and of course a Nagging Wife.

This is the normal way we are, we really know no better,
Yet if we were to see the error of our ways
And if by altering this we could only change, perhaps even for the better.

But being Human as they say, I am sure we never will,
Lessons learned are all so rare,
We as Humans, tend to show no care.

EMMO, DEC, 1999.


Decisions to be made, just seem to blow your mind,
In place they must be put to keep them of a certain type or kind.

Sometimes serious, sometimes easy too,
Do not think hard it is not what you have to do.

Just gently persuade yourself, that you can always cope,
Decisions to be made, donít sit around and mope.

There are those decisions you have to make,
Not because you want to, but just for decisions sake.

So liven up your outlook, and act like you are a man,
Then if you are lucky, life becomes a plan.


Time given is spent, but time sold is never ever lent.
So Just spend time and give, and donít give way to lent.


Just dream awhile and think ahead,
You need not wait to dream in bed.
Wishful thinking is a dream,
Across ones face a real big beam.

And if you dream just per chance,
Never give a second glance.
Make the first dream your choice,
And give your dream a real good voice.

Do not ponder for too long,
Or you will find your dream has gone.
So just dream your dream for a while,
Then on your face there will be a smile.

While keeping your brain happy,
You will find your mind is snappy.
Dream on my friend, for evermore,
Donít stop until the end no more.


Wishes for your Birthday, to help you celebrate,
That is why people love you, for you are a true mate.

Now that you are married, see how you like it.

OK ! So you are twenty one again!

Anyway who told you that you were beautiful?

Is passing wind a breeze?

Agnostic? I donít believe it.

Rise to face the day, go on chase those blues away.

I could learn to love you, if you have money.

Why get married when you can stay happy.

If you are maried try a prayer.

Get married and dispense with sense.

Life is a jingle if you stay single.

Be a patient person, or you will be a person patient.

Life is like fruit, sometimes it can be sweet

Congratulations on the family extension.
Hope you had planning permission..

Birthday wishes that are dear
So go to the Pub, and have a beer.

Now that you have come of age,
You will find, life is like a cage.
No where to go, believe this
For how I know.

How did you become a bore, was it easy?

Why be good, when being bad is better.


Collecting old and ancient things, maybe junk and such,
But pretty things most of all, I like very much.
The value does not matter, be it priceless or even cheap,
As long as it is something excellent to keep.
Then that is fine by me, if it should hold a story,
For whatever I collect is purely personal glory.

This Love

What is this thing called love,
Is it something very rare sent from the heavens above,
Or is it a natural thing that needs a little shove?
Could we do without it, I am not really sure,
But once you have found it, you want it more and more.


If I were able to fly
Like a bird up in the sky and wing my way abroad,
A cheap way for a holiday, and one I could afford.
I could travel near or travel far,
Go almost any where, plus no costs to share.
What a way to lead your life, without any kind of care.
And know that it will not take long to get to anywhere.
And if I were like a little bird that could fly
Every time I took off, I would simply say goodbye.

A Corner

We all want a corner of our own,
To enjoy and be alone,
But only for awhile.
Sometimes we yearn for company,
And times we wonder if there's a crowd,
Could a mob be three,
Including you and me,
So where is this little niche I crave?
Shall I see it before I reach my grave.

Just Silliness

A pig meowed like a cat,
A mouse flew blind like a bat,
A caterpillar ran like a hare,
An apple changed into a pear,
All kinds of changes everywhere, there was a cow barking like a dog,
A tortoise that looked like some water hog,
A spotted lion that does not roar,
And a tiger that looked like a wild boar,
A snake with tusks of elephant, and a spider that always hissed.
I have gone through most animals, but some I may have missed,
And if I have, I can only tell you sorry,
It really is not my fault, For I am now a lorry.

William Tell tried to shoot the apple from his sons head,
The arrow was bent, now William's son is dead


The sky holds the stars, the sun and the moon,
This keeps things working together and also in tune.
Nature is the master mind,
Sometimes bad not always kind,
Erupting volcanoes, floods and drought,
Wars that take people out,
Avalanches, tornadoes too,
All descent down on you.
Then throughout the universe,
Other things that are worse,
Comets travelling down to earth,
Dear God is this all we are worth.

Wondering Why

Little children playing, they have lots of toys.
Never very silent, making lots of noise.
When they grow up to adults, and have to go to work,
There are a few of them that can only shirk,
They never leave their childhood,
Like all of us should.
Their brains are gone, they never grow.
Why are they like this, does anybody know?

Original Work By Emmo.


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