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This is Page 4 (Click here to go to Page 1) of my poetry, rhyme, verse, prose and jingle corner of the web. I like to write poetry, captions and sayings, and I like to share these poems with you. You may use the poems and prose on this page as long as you give me credit, and provide a link back if you have a web site. Shop for poetry books in our online stores.

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Poet Emmo author of original poetry

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003.I will continue to maintain this website in his memory.  Poet Emmo's webmaster.

Stillness Of The Night

In the stillness of night, my best work is done,
The finest time to do it, rather than the morning sun,
For when all is hot and sticky, things are never right,
That my friend, is why I do my work at night.

I can keep a clear head, when all is so very quiet,
Thus giving my all to everyone, this really must be right,
If I am left to do my thing, I can be a friendly soul,
That is why I work at night, silent as a mole.

The enjoyment that is derived, from the coolness at night,
This really satisfies me so, it never is a fight,
It never is a struggle, just perfect without plight,
So I shall keep working, during the stillness of the night.

Lost In Life

A soul tormented that is I
Never ever learned to cry
Trying through the years to be
Other than the really me.

Where did I err and why
Did I never learn to cry
Was it good this being bad
Why was it I was always sad?

Never lived life, maybe as I should
Rarely found , that I was good
Pretending how hard I was
And why, well this is because.

To be a kid who was just simply scared
Found it better to be uncared
And yes this grew up with me
But deeply yearning to be free.

Now in the last stages of my days
My brain no longer in a haze
Could it be to late to atone
If I am not to be left alone.

Could Have Been

In the twilight of ones years
Arrive at smiles, no more tears
Dreams long gone of being rich
Found out how life is a bitch.

When in the days of being young
Found many hero's thus unsung
Worked very hard every day
Just to earn a meager pay.

As I earned, I spent out
Merely to give my life more clout
Enjoyable the life I did lead
But never ever paying heed.

The simple things, in life were there
Yet as a young one I did not care
Why save money, was my boast
Who is the man that wants the most.

No not I, I never did
So I grew up, and carried on
There is no money
If there was, then now it is gone.

Each day I manage to get by
I find it helps when you try
No smoking, no drinking beer
Gives one a life, and still you are here.

Three score years and ten
Is the life you ought to expect
Which is so often said
Then by all accounts you are dead.

Yet people live much longer now
That is what I espy anyhow
So I shall smile, and carry on
And dream some more till life is gone.

A Quote For The Twenty-First Century

How comes the truth, the truth of life
In many varied ways, to cause one strife
But we are the masters, of our own destiny
From early times, right up to infinity.

Just Quips

He who laughs longest
Has most pleasure.

If you can't have your cake and eat it
Why bake it in the first place.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay
Imagine what a fruit salad could do.

A Sonnet To My Webmaster

In tears 'tis me for poems well read,
Hoping for fame before I am dead,
This I cannot achieve alone 'tis true,
It can only be done with the work from you.

If this were to be left to me,
There is no way it would work you can see,
For although I can write poetry,
The publishing side is not for me.

I do not begin to understand,
How you can cope with my written hand,
So with many thanks to you once again,
I live on once more in poetry to reign.

I dedicate this poem to you,
To thank you Alan for the hard work you do,
This is something I do so appreciate,
And pleasant too have you as a mate.

Now my tears are almost dry,
And I have finished with my cry,
Each day I watch as clouds roll by,
Just realize that I am a lucky guy.

For friends such as you,
Who are there by ones side,
Giving their friends so much pride,
And for just being there too.

Always There

Far away maybe, yet you never leave my mind,
And although you are not here, to me you are still around.
The laughter and the smiles I see, the feeling that surrounds,
Something I cannot explain, and yes it hurts, but such a lovely pain.

So have the knowledge you are loved more than words can say,
And when you go to bed at night, have pleasant thoughts of me, I pray.
Yes, darling, I miss you and love you to no end,
For you are more than just a friend.

You are the savior of my soul, the Goddess of all charms,
And I can hardly wait to hold you in my arms.
Soon to be hopefully, providing all goes well,
Then we will have each other the rest can go expel.

Loving you is easy, but also very hard,
For you never ask for very much, to me you are my top card.
Yes darling you are ace, the top of all desire,
Man I am glad I love you so and feel the love and fire.

So hurry back to me my love, it must be top priority,
For it is nicer when we are a we,
Together just hugging and kissing all kind of hurt away.
I love you for ever darling, that is all I have to say.

Just You And I

Thinking of you both night and day,
And in the most loving kind of way.
Missing you like nobody knows,
But I guess that is how love goes.

The kissing and those gorgeous hugs,
And drinking coffee from twin mugs,
All are part of being one,
Just like the world with the sun.

Like cheese and onion on some plates,
Together we are the perfect kind of mates.
The love that we have, we really know,
Those that do not like it, can go.

I shall love you for ever more,
More tomorrow than the day before.
My love for you knows no bounds,
To keep your love and hear your sounds.

Your pretty smile, your shining eyes,
Keeps my love for you alive.
There is no doubt within my mind,
That you my Princess are the loving kind.

So take this pledge I give to you,
And understand that it is so true.
I will love you for ever more,
And keep you safe behind closed door.

Noses Poses Questions

Why must people rile us,
What enjoyment do they get,
Why must they poke their noses in,
If they do not want them to get wet.

For if they cannot lead their lives,
And cease to interfere,
Shows just that they are the kind,
That are really very queer.

How they lead a sad life,
By doing what they do,
Simply poking their noses in
With what we want to do.

So I say to these funny people,
Please leave us alone,
We have no wish to be rude,
But leave us on our own.

And if you find it hard to do,
Then just count to ten,
Finish with the nose job,
And try to be a friend.

Poking Of The Noses

When people doubt, and are unsure of things,
Then they must be insecure,
It marvels me, that they cannot grow,
For they wallow in manure.

Their noses become long and red,
This is because they are brain dead.
Only see a blank wall,
All because they have no sense at all.

Such a pity, they do not accept,
The love that we have as US.
So I shall only say this once,
Go take a ride on a bus.

Go get lost, leave us alone,
Think real hard, then atone.
If your life is so dull,
Look at life - you numbskull.


I love the way I receive your love,
Makes me so truly elated.
And then that lovely smile,
I then know how I'm rated.

And if the rate is one to ten,
I know how much I'm loved.
And then I find how I love you,
For my Princess, I rate you too.

Utopia should be your name.
For without it you could not be the same,
All of my life I have loved you,
Then at last it did come true

My life is the very, very best,
And of this I do not jest.
Your love has given so much to me,
Unfortunately others cannot see.

But there must be the blind in life,
That simply cause themselves strife.
This proves that, some can never love,
And those type do need that shove.

Yet all in all, my love for you,
Holds so much esteem it's true.
If only these blind could see,
Real love between you and me.

In My Heart Forevermore

My Princess, who is far away,
And sends me e-mails every day,
Soon will grace this English shore,
And make me a happy man once more.

Three months have past, and given me fear,
That perhaps, I would not see her again this year.
But now she has booked a flight,
Happy me, so glad that is right.

Just a month she has to spare,
So she has abandoned all her fear,
To fly to me, and bring me care,
It will be just perfect, when she is here.

We will try to get out and about,
And I shall try to take her out.
Maybe near, maybe far,
Well if at last I have a car.

It may be a Jag or a Rover,
Do not worry - come on over.
We will try to get away,
Even if for just a day.

On a Monday she will arrive,
All to keep our love alive.
This Princess I do love so,
And I wish for all the world to know.

I have never known a love like this,
Even with her nagging, it still is bliss.
Oh lucky me to love like this,
With a hug and bonding kiss.

Princess of mine, I adore you,
You are the one for me 'tis true
And if I can please you for all time,
Then wondrous loving, just pure sublime.

Everlasting Love

Looking forward to when you are at my side,
Showing my love to you, which I shall not hide.
Giving love and spoiling you,
Darling this is what I shall do.

I shall hug and make sure that you are kissed,
To show you how much this has been missed.
I will give me to you, for this is what I wish to do.
And Princess of mine, I hope that you want this too.

The time that we have spent apart,
Makes the fondness of the heart.
While love just grows from this,
A smile, a hug and a kiss.

Princess I just love you so,
And I want the whole wide world to know,
That you are mine for ever more,
For Princess it is you that I do adore.

This old man loves you so true,
And how I know you love me too,
What a bonding of perfect love,
Sent to us from high above.

Heart Beating Love

To love someone, is special enough, or so it would seem,
But loving someone such as you, is just more perfect than a dream.
It is the nicest kind of loving this special love for you,
There is no other way to love, like the way that I love you.

True feelings held long in my heart, now are to the fore,
And Princess of Mine, I could not love you more.
You are the inspiration, that any man could need.
The wonderful love that you exude, is like a glorious feed.

With pleasure you fill my heart, it aches with love abound,
Although my Princess, this kind of love is very seldom found.
Yet it has come to me, with care and thought worth while.
Darling it is so wonderful, when on your face I see a very special smile.

Who else but you could show me, this special kind of love,
So my gorgeous adorable you, I thank you very much
Princess hold your trust in me, for I will never fail you.
I love you oh so very much and darling this is true.

Dream On

In the stealth of the night,
Lights down low nothing bright,
Quietness is in the air,
Very peaceful everywhere.

Then new day begins to dawn,
Rising noises for new morn,
Flowers with petals raised,
Whistling birds that seem crazed.

Fresh ozone smell that is to be,
While noises rushing from the sea,
All is as we really need,
The understanding and the heed.

If this is really heaven sent,
Then maybe life will be content,
Let us dream a dream so true,
The sunshine then will come shining through.

Wonder Of Love

What do we know of life's sweet love, not enough this I fear?
Is it just simply being near?
Does it come from above or down below?
How much I should like to know?

The closeness of wanted feeling,
Does it set our hearts reeling?
We all need love and tender care,
Just so nice when love is everywhere.

Pretty water fall side of a mill,
Old brick cottage what a thrill,
Flowers growing from the earth,
Simply flowing with wide girth.

The mill is old, really nice,
This adds to life, a kind of spice,
Loving memories of days gone by,
Keeps our brains wondering why.

The pretty things that we find,
All seem old for this mankind,
It just simply goes to show,
People of old were in the know.

Facing Life

I have in my life faced so much hurt
But lived again to fight once more, one thing that was a dead cert.
Hurt did not need a door, also others have had grief,
And many others had relief.

Yet life goes on day by day,
Facing things that come our way,
With all the anger and the pain,
We shall live to fight again.

Something Secret

I wonder what would unfold,
If the story of my life were told?
Would people ever understand,
On finding my life was not bland?
Would it could it shock them maybe so,
Perhaps they would tell me so that I should know?
My life is something I will not divulge,
Though it is something of a bulge?
But that is for the secret file,
Believe me when I say my life's worthwhile.

At Play

On a hill far away,
Two children were at play.
There was Simon and Simone,
Who really loved to be alone.
All day long they played their game,
Most every day was the same.
Except when they were told,
It was far too cold.
They came down off the hill,
Never once argued never will.

Lead Off

Why do people walk a dog?
You never see them walk a frog,
They never walk a duck or goose,
For ducks and geese must run loose.
I have seen a ferret on a lead,
Just because I have paid heed.
A cat with collar round the neck,
But only for the fleas.
If you know of others apart from these,
I ask would you tell me please.


A vampire gave me a visit, but he was not very bright,
For he visited me through the day, when it should have been at night.
Then I found out he was a novice, that did not know his way,
Also he did not see too well, this is why he traveled by day.

So they had to dismiss him, from the vampire bats guild,
For he never done a proper job, he never got you chilled.
He now leads a lonely life, in fact he is retired,
He now can live out his life, until he is expired.

Short One

A rabbit and a bull dog were the very best of friends.
They have been all of their lives, this is where the story ends.


There was once a pretty lady who was a debutante.
I knew this lady very well for she was my lovely aunt.
She won all major prizes when she did compete,
And her many admirers simply fell down at her feet.
She was well respected for the kind of things she did.
Oh! How I have always loved her ever since I was a kid.

Of Life

Music gives pleasure, to those that love to hear,
They also like a warm embrace, to give them things to share.
They love to give a tender kiss, showing how they feel,
This is something in a life, that is very, very real.
But when the music stops, and life begins to fade,
We all look back in time, to see if we made the grade.


What is wrong with kids today,
All upset don't want to play?
Want to fight and run amok,
Just the worse on the block.
A law they need to revise,
Is the one to chastise.
Perhaps then ignorance will go,
Maybe not, but I think so.
Bring back spanking to make them see,
How to behave the same as me.


Wishes made without a well,
Make people feel very swell.
It can be magic, when it does arise,
Just sheer perfect, what a prize.

Dragon Dreams

A dragon dreaming, what you say,
Was this the dragon, Saint George did slay?
Did this dragon rise from the dead,
Perhaps a different one instead?

It just seemed it was the same,
That's how it appeared from his flame.
Was he dreaming while on low hold,
Or simply because he felt cold?

He dreamt one day he would put power in that flame,
Providing that fighting never left him lame.
So up he rose to spit out fire,
Surely this dream did inspire.

If Only

I can wile away the hours,
In the spring admiring flowers.
In the summer I can bathe,
And get a tan that I crave.
Then autumn time, known as fall,
Is this the prettiest time of all.
Then the winter comes to call,
The one I dislike most of all.
I would love to hibernate,
Simply sleep, really great.


Can someone explain why we must face pain?
Is it a part of living, why these pains we are given?
Why do they come in leaps and bounds, and encasing us within?
It is far beyond a joke, it really is a sin.
Although it comes to one and all, it is not very nice at all,
Even if you are large or small,
Or maybe fat or thin. So to get us through every day,
We do all appear to pray.
But the atheist prays the most,
Even though this is not his boast.
There are those who can take pain, and there are those who cry.
And when it is really severe, then you know the reason why.
It really hurts most people, but there are still the few,
I am one that feels the hurt, tell me do you too.

A Thought

Somewhere out there, a life beyond compare,
How nice it would be, if this we could really share.
Could it be possible to reach, this life we crave,
And really enjoy it, long before we reach the grave.

I would simply hate to die,
And leave this world wondering why,
These things had not been achieved,
For man I really would be peeved.

Unrest Is Not The Best

Many place I have seen,
And many places I have been.
One outstanding in my mind,
Was Paris of the loving kind.

This was a city very bright,
Nice by day, better by night.
France reflected in different guise,
Really opened up my eyes.

Political propaganda should be laid to rest,
For it is so obvious that neither side knows best.
I really had a nice surprise,
And now I am a better person wise.

This Bastard Life

This bastard life has been wild along the way,
Very many battles, I have had to fight each day,
Plus very many other things, along life's own way,
I have fought for my life, have faced the enemy.

Paid my dues, with my health, while Devil ruled my life,
Given rise to rights and wrongs, yet no longer have a wife,
Long time married, then divorce, no more family,
So I became the footloose kind, and simply fancy free.

I really do not want this life, for it really is not me,
Though in my life there has been pain, would I ere do it again?
I think not, I could not cope, How could I face each day,
I really, really would not know, so I shall stay away.


This England is such a dirty place,
Never cleaned, a complete disgrace,
Plastic and paper everywhere,
No one seems to have a care,
Chewing gum discarded everywhere,
With very fast pace,
You will find it stuck in every place,
Sticks on your shoes when you walk,
No one gives a damn,
We have the need, to pay heed,
Before we lose it all,
But does any one understand,
We could really lose it all.

The Demon Within

Bottle in my hand, makes me stop to think,
Do I have the need to take another drink?
Why do I simply worry, why do I have to fret,
But all of this heavy drinking, is no cure as of yet.

So I shall put the bottle down, and leave this drink alone?
And then it will be a simple task, to go forth and atone,
And if I should find, life in vain, no my friend,
I will never ever drink again.

I am finished with this demon drink,
And now my head is clear to think,
In future it will be for me,
Just purely a cup of tea.

How Time Flies

Why does time fly by?
Where does it really go?
Why is it when we grow,
It really passes fast?
Does any body know?
Yet when we are kids,
And never have a care,
Time stands still,
Simply remaining there.
Changing life becomes a mess.
I do not know I must confess,
Well in fact if I did,
I would rather stay a kid.

Rat Race

Twilight peace and solitude,
Laid back in casual pose,
Nicer than the rat race,
That's in full speed mode,
Why hurry and worry,
Facing lots of strife,
When you can opt,
For that easy kind of life.
So go take things in your stride,
And find out just how,
Life can be an easy ride.

A Simple Prayer

God please make me a better man,
Much better than I really am,
Give me strength in my mind,
Give me some peace of a kind.

Cleanse my soul of all sin,
Many bad things I have done,
Yet along the way sometimes fun,
Now it is time to be a better man.

And I know you understand,
All I have to say to you,
Please take me by the hand,
And simply see me through.

Transition is a position that one is in when there is need of change.
The most unfortunate thing is that it covers a vast range.

Valentine Day Verses

Round once more this funny sign,
The noted one that Valentine.
This is the day to say to you,
Oh! my darling I love you.

The day of hearts for you my sweet,
Is if I can make your life complete.
This is truly valentines day,
Darling this is what I say,
Happy Valentine's.

Sweet Valentine I want you to know,
Just how much I love you so.
''Tis I the master of disguise,
And you are the beauty in my eyes.

Not new year, no old langsyne,
Simply be my Valentine.

Just around the corner, another Valentine,
Please my darling lady, be my Valentine.

A bird is a bird, a tree is a tree,
You are you, and I am me,
All in all a wondrous sign,
Darling be my Valentine.

Come To The Party

At a party don't be late,
Already there a knife and fork,
Cup, saucer, spoon and plate,
Food galore some you will hate.

There are people who may be bad,
There may be some who are nice,
Please don't be late,
Please be there in a trice.

Should you fail to appear,
You will be thought of as rather queer,
Without you there, the party will be out of tune,
For you are known as, the party loon.

There is no reason to this rhyme,
We all need silly things sometimes,
It helps us keep our sanity,
Him and her, you and me.

Love Is

Sharing someone's candy bar.

Doing pleasurable things together.

Is the nicest thing.

Is holding hands and dreaming.

To be together for a life time.

A Moving Need Of God

Going from a trailer park,
To a place in town,
Needs lots and lots of patience,
For it can get you down.

There are many things to move,
And much to divide,
And lots of things to watch,
And those vultures at you side.

But there will always be,
The Lord God at your side,
And with his help my friends,
It will be a perfect ride.

A helping hand is welcome,
Which the good Lord will provide,
So say a little prayer to him,
Then he will be forever at your side.

A prayer will bring forth,
The help that is required,
And a strenuous task,
Becomes one that is admired.

Those friends that can rally round,
Will be the friends that help you,
Keep both of your feet,
Well and truly on the ground.

So these prayers,
That are sent to you,
Will all come true my friend,
Yes the move will stop.

But the help from God will,
Forever carry on,
So our prayers go with you,
To the very end.

In Flight

High in the sky, bird on the wing,
Heading for another spring,
A place to find to build a nest,
Another season another quest.

Eggs laid three or four,
Sitting daily to make them hatch,
While her spouse has food to catch,
And she just sits some more.

Then one day a noisy sound,
As tossed out egg shells hit the ground,
Lo' and behold those chicks are born,
Heralding a bright new morn.

Then all at once they try to fly,
And the mother bird has to sing,
For now it is her babies on the wing,
Heading for another spring.


To dream gives a meaning to life,
A dream helps you with every day strife,
For to dream things manage to be relaxing,
You can by dreaming stop things being taxing.

To dream helps make life reflective,
You can dream through the day,
You can dream through the night,
Whenever you dream makes all things right.

So just dream away and all good things will arise,
Just wonderful things, no nasty surprise,
Yes dreaming is perfect and right,
Just keep dreaming for it gives a meaning to life.

I will feel like a miner,
With a gold rich mine,
If you will be,
My Valentine.

The man in the moon is happy,
And I will be too,
Providing my Valentine,
Is just simply You.

Please be at my side,
Throughout my life,
Not as just my Wife,
But as my Valentine.

A hug and a kiss,
For you I pray,
To be my valentine,
On this special day.

Just Around The Corner

Winter coming to an end,
Spring around the corner,
Soon will be summer my friend,
And just a whole lot warmer.

The suffering of the nasty cold,
As many times before,
I would rather it go away,
For it is such a bore.

The nice warm weather,
And cooling rain,
Is welcome back,
Time and again, once more.

Yet life is still sweet,
Though at times a pain,
And each winter seems so long,
But not to worry for it is soon gone.

In The Twinkling Of An Eye

All too soon a day has passed,
The darkness of the night at last,
Time to dream of that which has gone,
Another day to carry on.

Round in circles life revolves,
More little things to be resolved,
That is why things have passed,
In the twinkling of an eye.

What May Be

Contentment can be for real,
Providing that is how you feel,
And if this is what you really need,
Listen well, please pay heed.

Love others, the way you wish for love,
Choose a path that is smooth, not rough,
Be the nicest type of man,
You know it is true, you surely can.

Then cast a backward glance or two,
And see what it has done for you,
You will find things were right,
No longer a stranger to wrong or right.

The Dance

An Elephant and a Flea went to a dance,
Though people gave them a second glance,
Most unusual thing to see these two at a jamboree,
And as they danced the night away, people were heard to say,

Funny thing this elephant and flea,
To end up at a jamboree,
But what fine dancers they really are,
They are the very best by far.

Here in lives this little tale,
About the flea and his gal,
Always at each others side,
For now she is his blushing bride.

A New Year Dawns

Another year almost past,
And with it something will be lost,
Perhaps only pain of a kind,
Really nothing else at mind.

Looking forward, and not back,
Take this new year and ball the jack,
Go do those things you want to do,
Not things old, only new.

Live your life as is the need,
Do not sit about and go to seed,
Not only chase your dreams,
The order of the day it seems.

Is to make those dreams come true,
It is not much I ask of you,
For my friend I want the same,
So let us not lay blame.

We will succeed where others fail,
If we stay on the dream trail,
And stick with it through thick and thin,
So to the coming year ahead, raise your glass instead.

Time To Rest

Christmas now is past,
Santa has gone to rest,
While he waits the whole year through,
Before once more he visits me and you.

This old man all in red,
Lives for ever, will never be dead,
He helps the children learn to grow,
For on their faces he puts a glow.

The joy and happiness he does bring,
Puts in all hearts a special zing,
Oh! We love Santa yes we do,
A sweet old man and that is true.

Another year to wait for him to call,
Thinking of next years presents,
And that is not all,
I for one will not forget.

So thank you Santa,
For all you have given,
To the girls and boys,
And especially the toys.

Twilight Night

In the hours of twilight,
All is quiet and still,
The day has past,
Another one to begin.

The tramp who walks the highway,
Throughout the day,
Rests when there is peace all around,
Through the twilight hours.

The birds no longer fly,
For it is time for them to rest,
Funny how tramps and birds,
Appear to know what is best.

The hurrying and scurrying,
As people go to work,
Is harder than the twilight hour,
Without rest, life is really sour.

So rest awhile when you can,
More in the twilight hours,
For you will find that you have it all,
While there is nothing gone.


We all eat more food at Christmas,
More than we really should,
Then we are overfull,
Do we ever learn.

No we never do,
We just go on eating,
Filling our faces with the same old thing,
And getting the normal old food sting.

I have tried however to eat as I should,
By not being bad, just by being good,
Yet the devil he is within me,
Making me gorge and overeat.

So now I look at food,
As an every day special treat,
I really do not care,
If it is bread or meat.

Sometimes I will eat vegetables,
And sometimes I eat fruit,
I really do not care what it is,
I do not give a toot.

So bring all the foodstuff,
Then I really can enjoy,
You will see a smile on my face,
I will be a very happy little boy.

The Jack

A man walked his dog each day,
He walked it in a special way,
The dog had boots to wear,
So he really did not care.

If it rained or there was snow,
This dog did not mind where he did go,
He was very warm and content,
For that was not all the man had spent.

He bought a coat for the dogs back,
And all things special for his Jack,
He tended to his friend the pet,
For to the man he was the best dog yet.

Many years came and past,
Until the dog died at last,
And to man the years go faster,
In doggy heaven, Jack awaits his master.


Who works the hardest at Christmas time?
Well dear old Santa Claus,
And in these days of no chimneys anymore,
Santa has to use the door.

Out side the house he parks his sleigh,
While delivering toys for Christmas day,
Children leave him a glass of milk and a mince pie,
Now have you ever really wondered why?

To say thanks to Santa Claus,
For all the happiness he brings,
He makes a child's Christmas day,
In a very special way.

He has done this for many years,
Yet still there are some who shed tears,
This normally is the greedy one,
And through their greed they will not have fun.

There is a moral to this tale,
Do not cry and do not wail,
Just be good and content,
Then there will be your Yuletide present.

Daily Sayings

With the Lord on your side.
He keeps the Devil away.

If you fight like the Devil,
You will surely lose.

There is no stronger medicine,
Than a daily dose of love.

To make you feel good,
Watch those that suffer.

To help some one in trouble,
Is pure satisfaction.

Just Christmas

Hark the bells from his sleigh,
As Santa comes to bring the toys,
For all the little Girls and boys,
Once more on Christmas day.

He started as a dream,
When we were very small,
And the only time that he visits,
Is each winter, but never in the Fall.

Yet he will also pass us by,
If we are not good,
So we must be good girls and boys,
And do all those things we should.

Now let us rejoice in Christmas,
And try to keep our dream,
And not forgetting religion,
For it helps to keep us keen.

Think of the other Children,
Through out this war torn world,
And think that with out Santa Claus,
This story would be untold.


Who is Santa to the girls and boys,
He is the Old chap who brings us toys,
His suit is red and the sky is quite bright,
When he comes to us before Christmas night.

He guides those reindeer,
Through the great big sky,
To bring us presents,
And that is why we love him.

A childhood dream,
One to be held forever,
And to the children,
All so very real.

We love Santa,
Christmas too,
It brings presents,
For me and you.

Opening presents,
One Two Three,
While all the family are,
Around the Christmas tree.

I love Santa and Christmas day,
I love those presented too,
I love to give you lots of things,
And receive them from you.

Is there a Christmas without snow?
Is there a Christmas with no fire glow?
Is there a Christmas every year?
Of course there is my own sweet dear.

A present for you,
And a present for me,
Underneath the Christmas tree,
Yes and others for the family.

Thank you for your Christmas gifts,
You are that loving friend,
I am pleased that it did start,
Please never let it end.

Original Poetry By Emmo.


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