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This is Page 5 (Click here to go to Page 1) of my poetry, rhyme, verse, prose and jingle corner of the web. I like to write poetry, captions and sayings, and I like to share these poems with you. You may use the poems and prose on this page as long as you give me credit, and provide a link back if you have a web site. Help support this site by shopping in our online stores.

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Poetry corner with poet Emmo and his original poems, rhymes and verse.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. I will continue to maintain this website in his memory.  Poet Emmo's webmaster.

The Road Sweeper

He sweeps the streets around the town,
And in the village too,
He really is a busy man,
With lots and lots to do.

Early in the morning,
He trundles on his way,
He never stops for very long,
For there is much to do each day.

He takes much pride in his work,
He loves to do it well,
And every one speaks of him,
That is why you can tell.

People round and about,
Always have the pleasure,
To know this man who sweeps the streets,
For he is the local treasure.

With folk such as this,
That clean and sweep,
Keep the towns folk happy,
And they no need to weep.

He really is their savior,
The town is kept so clean,
There is no other like him,
There is no one else as keen.

So give rise to thanks,
For this gentleman,
Who looks out for us,
As no other can.

A Woman

Why is a man always wrong,
In a woman's eye,
Why does he put up with it,
I often wonder why.

Is it because he loves her,
Or just to keep the peace,
Or is it the fact that to her,
He is just on a life long lease.

She will molly coddle him,
When she so desires,
Then at most other times,
She backs off and retires.

She gives him grief,
As no other can,
That is the strength of how,
A woman loves a man.

A Woman's Man

He is the family Super man,
He gives rise to a woman's plan,
She is his Pansy Potter,
He is her Desperate Dan.

She often finds some fault in him,
This she does to keep him in trim,
Yet she loves this Super man,
Once she has him in the can.

No one else may look at him,
For he is her one and only,
She guards him Oh so well,
She really loves him. Ah! that is swell.

Do not doubt her love for him,
For this love is just devout,
She loves him oh so much,
Of this there is no doubt.

She loved him when she met him,
From many years ago,
That is why my friend,
Her heart is all a glow.

The Genius

The poet sits to ponder,
Trying hard to think,
He really is a genius,
For he never uses drink.

In his head a poem is born,
'Tis as clear as day,
He really is a genius,
In the most delightful way.

Those words just come together,
Like winter snow or rain,
He really is a genius,
Time and time again.

Yet things never end there,
For the words they always flow,
He really is a genius,
As all the world should know.


Such pretty flowers simply grow in spring,
Go on growing throughout summer,
Moving as the bird upon the wing,
Thank you for the life you have given me.

For as I awaken each and every morn,
To face another wondrous day,
I bless the day that I was born,
That life did come my way.

Just take a while to stop and feel,
How things around you are real,
Make the life you own you share,
And show someone how much you care.

The sight you have and hearing too,
Helps like your features that is true,
In ugliness, there is beauty deep,
So this thought in your head please keep.

Life is life, for it is real, as you may know,
But dreaming may have a place in your heart,
Where you may wish to go,
Well I do for my part.


Raging as the world goes by,
Simply thinking why this strife,
And why the cruelty in the world,
Just wishing to take life.

Atrocities mankind made,
Sharper than knife's blade,
Killing going on each day,
How I wish it would go away.

Fractions from around the world,
Causing pain and grief, no relief,
Mostly from ignorant men,
Who want to kill time and again.

A lesson to be learned from yesterday,
To give some madman, power once more,
People just be aloof, an eye for an eye,
Not forgetting, a tooth for a tooth.

Outrage for a while, then soon to be many a smile,
Security breached, and long forgotten,
The killing goes on and on,
Life can really be so rotten.

The world needs to unite,
And fight that foe,
Yet there are those who,
Do not really want to know.

Let us find this enemy,
Make things safer for,
Both you and me,
Simply making the feeling free.

Poet Emmo - September 12, 2001

To The Unknown

Each step you take, one day at a time,
Brings about in life, the reason and the rhyme,
You are always giving pleasure, no matter what you do,
And that is why my gorgeous person, everyone loves you.

Where Is Their Allah Now?

Fanatics doomed to die,
There is no sense to it,
Or good reason why,
Where is Allah now?

Maybe their causes are to be,
The wake up call for you and me,
Come people let us all unite,
And perhaps at last get it right.

Standing solid against hidden foe,
No hiding place for them to go,
Rout out the scum from of this earth,
Just join together and show our worth.

Will their Allah bow his head?
Will anything bring back the dead?
I fear not, but feel some disgrace,
For being part of this human race.

The Goodness In A Day

A lovely bright morning to awaken for,
Much nicer this new day, than the one before,
So now to face the things in general life,
And along the way some kind of strife.

But being together, we face what each days brings forth,
Pulling just one way, the only way to go,
And having you at my side. is perfect don't you know,
So darling please stay at my side. as each day decides to dawn.

Waking up to pleasures such as this, brighten up the morn,
To love a person such as you, I feel so proud, never blue,
So this I say with hand on my heart,
I wish that we do not ever drift apart.

This day has pleased me, I feel right, by loving you,
And if these days are dull, in kind, that never ever is for you,
You are the sparkle in my eyes, as every day brings a nice surprise,
Just being there as you always are, be it near, or be it far.

If you were to change in anyway,
The dark, would be sure to dull the day,
So please brighten up my every day,
By simply staying, your lovely way.

Never Alter

Why are people funny, in the things they do?
And do I see another one, each time I look at you?
Perhaps it is my imagination, or could it be for real?
I prefer this kind of you, more than a low down heel.

You bring out the warmth in me, and give me untold pleasure,
And if I spoke the truth, this is something that I cannot measure,
This is why I love you so, indeed you really are a person of renown,
Please stay this way for evermore, and be my own sweet clown.

So if you should befit these well meant words,
And be there as always indeed you are,
The lovely you can see, I think you are the best by far,
So please just be that lovely person and never be absurd.

When We Were Kid

When we were just a kid, the funny type of things we did,
We played football, and played with dolls, even played with tar black coals,
We played knock down ginger, then ran away, played in fields of new mown hay,
Went tiddler fishing with a net, went on to do better things yet.

We played Mums and Dads, and put on plays, my how we loved those happy days,
We scraped our knees on the grass, but still our lives were just first class,
We helped old ladies with their shopping, and got a penny which was so whopping,
We helped to wash the dog or cat, while they shook water over the mat.

We went scrumping for delicious fruit, this became our well earned loot,
We had to learn to ride a bike, or otherwise we had to hike,
We roller skated on the road, pretending we carried a heavy load,
Went to the bakers and bought stale cakes.

We caught measles and had the mumps, gave our parents all the hump,
We played truant from the school, although this was not the golden rule,
We held other kids as hostages, to set them free, we asked for sausages,
We had coupons for our sweets, and for clothes, and other treats.

We truly had a wonderful time, when we were just simply kids,
We were glad to do the things we did, that is what was done when we were kids,
But then we grew into adults, not the same, and bad results,
I should rather stay a kid, and still have all those things we did.


When at peace with the night,
Stars above in the sky, so right,
Wondering if aliens do exist,
Not just a wonderment of mist.

Many stars are there to see,
Many people just like me,
Also wondering about life,
Plus at your side, peace, no strife.

Together sitting, wondering,
Staring into the great beyond,
Thinking that life itself,
May soon be gone.

A Vow for my Princess

When we are this far away,
It makes for me a dreamy day.
I dream that we shall be together,
Like we were then, and now for ever.

In my heart, you hold first place,
The one true love in the human race,
You give to me tender love, and care,
Thank you Princess for being there.

Kisses sweet, from those tender lips,
The niceties of all those quips.
The fun, the smile, that you give out
Is truly what life is all about.

You satisfy my every being,
My world is now complete.
To have you my sweet Princess,
Just loving me, that's neat.

And now you may have this vow,
This love is for ever, and not just for now.
Princess you are the world to me,
I just want the whole bunch to see.

And if they should throw a little fit,
Who cares, Not I, for that is it,
'Tis you I love, the loving girl,
That is why my heart is in a whirl.

Showing Love

To think of love, and show it,
Is so wonderful a feeling,
And when it is returned,
It sets your heart a reeling.

A kiss or two, and a hug,
All add up for the feeling snug.
The loving that you receive,
Comes from me I do believe.

For every day, for all of time,
I shall love you Princess,
For you are wholly mine
Just pure love, and so sublime.

Loving you is all I need to do,
And why may you ask,
Well Darling, for this is true
You are my life, that is why I love you.

Ode To Sweet Love

To love you is just perfect,
'Tis the one and only way,
And the more that I can love you
Simply makes up my every day.

There may be times that you or I
Can only sit, and stare to the sky.
Pondering dreams that are just there
Reflecting love, and loving care.

Hoping that we have a good time,
To say that this is the life, sublime
We ask for a while to share our love
Underneath those stars above.

Knowing there is love like this
And between you and I such loving bliss
Sealed daily with a hug and kiss
The nicest love not to simply miss.

I thank you for the love we share
Plus all other things, like loving care
With this love nothing to spare
For other beings, Well I don't care.

I need no other person as I need you
A perfect love, loving and true
This vow will stay for ever more
You, are the Princess, I adore.

A Pratt For The Making

Everywhere in life there seems to be a Pratt.
They lurk in every corner, even underneath the mat.
They form special opinions as to what life is all about
Then they find out to their dismay that they haven't any clout.

They could never organize their own lives, so it seems
They do not know reality, they only know of dreams.
Yet they do become nightmares for they appear to lose the plot
And find when people are upset then friends they have not got.

But being a Pratt all of their life is the only life they know,
And wonder why people hate them, yes they should really like to know.
Yet if they were not as ignorant and learnt to understand,
That people only like nice people, right to the very end.

Knowing Her

There is a lady that I know
Who has gorgeous hair
Not white as like snow
Or yellow as a pear.

She sometimes sulks
And throws a fit
No that's not all
That is not it.

There is this smile upon her face
For all one knows, just pure grace,
And then she speaks, and then you know,
There is not much farther you can go.

With her stare you stop dead
Just agree, like she said
So who is the one that is top dog
No not me, for I am in a fog.

Many times I have done things right
There is no reason I can't tonight
So to kiss her I shall try
And hope she does not wonder why.

For my intentions are truly good
I shall be the gentleman, not Robin Hood
A little hug and maybe a kiss
Something I want, and should not miss.

Yes I will show her my love
To hold her in my arms,
And comfort her
Like a loving dove.

I wish to give her the best
Just give her a life
So full of zest
Never ever take a rest.

From telling her I love her so
Plus every day just simply show
Give her the love she gives to me
That fills my heart with loving glee.

What a lucky man am I
To have this Princess
My end in life now is blessed
For I really simply have the best.

Sparkling Eyes

I thought that I would paste and send,
To show you of the possible new found friend
Should I worry no not I, because she is true
That lovely gorgeous pretty Princess Vi.

Why would she torment me
To simply fill her head with glee
She can smile and crack a joke
Because I am a damn fine bloke.

I love her much more each day
For there is not more that I can say
This is the woman in my heart
And never ever shall we part.

Except for traveling back and forth
Her going West, and me going North
Well really this is not the least
To tell the truth it's really East.

I would follow her, 'tis said
Even and into bed
She is the apple of my eye
This wonderful Lady Princess Vi.

Not for just a wee while
For ever more, and with style
Then on the face a great big smile
The broadest one by many a mile.

That is why I love her so
And yes, I want the world to know
Listen up every one, she is mine
And as warm as is the sun.

A Wee Bit Of Sleep

Now this old mongoose really thinks
At this stage in life, he needs forty winks
But there again, just normal rest,
For I am sure that is the best.

Yes I shall try to get that sleep,
And pray to God, my soul to keep
Then I could wake up feeling fine
Like a bottle of vintage wine.

Sparkling and bubbly so to speak
Feeling good, and at my peak,
With body good, and full of zest
then I shall really know what is best.

Yes sleep is a real good thing,
It rests you well, plus gives one zing
For an alarm there is no need
So get some sleep, just take heed.


What is worry, why does it just exist
Does not matter how it is viewed
It can catch you out, then hit you
Like a great hard clenched fist.

Everybody worries, sometime in their life,
And that comes naturally with all kinds of strife.
But you just have to face it, each and every day,
And get up off your rear, and chase the blues away.

Then once you have done this
Then better you will feel
Better no worry than
To really feel so ill.

So take leaf from out of my book
Don't look back, take a forward look,
Then think like this, just like a pet,
And lose those worries, and do not fret.

Trying Hard

In many ways, and on many days,
I try to hard to change
But find that it is more
And so far out of range.

But try I shall, and very hard
To keep to the straight and narrow
Like those workers on their march
When they marched on to Jarrow.

That was many years ago
That they trod that path
Then there was the curing waters
Of the City known as Bath.

Perhaps I need those curative powers
Then I possibly could change
And take the blessings that these bring
And not so far out of range.

Please do not hold your breath on this
For how can I ever promise
To alter this way of life
Not even if you were my wife.

But try I shall, and try my best
Yet in between I need to rest
To recuperate, to former glory
And simply make this a success story.


Walking in life is so complex a thing,
Running in life just brings fear.
So to care for someone, gives a feeling of content
But like life it is something that is lent.
Why the complexity or indeed the activity, merely a way to keep sane.
And if only in this Life that we lead, we were to succeed,
And never found strife or the like.

Could we ever be right, and our existence be bright,
Like the stars that shine through the night.
Yet only short lived, is ones divine right,
But while we are here we ought to learn how to give.
Though walking in life is complex,
Just make love your Hex,
And never ever look back.

EMMO Dec 2000

On Reflection

Now I shall sit down to cry,
As I sit here and watch the world go by.
The reflections inside of my head,
Maybe strange, as is often said.

Why must people be this way,
And treat others as predators treat prey?
Instilling ideas in your head,
Until the heart has finally bled.

The anguish and the heart felt pain,
Appears time and time again.
You try to let this pass by,
Find you can't, then wonder just why.

Time to sit and just reflect,
Could be the answer I suspect.
But after all, if there is still pain,
Time to sit and reflect again.

The Poet Emmo.

Nothing Better

Could we just be friends, not for a little while, but for all time?
Could we enjoy the love and company that is so freely offered?
Could we have the understanding that life brings forth?
Could we learn by the mistakes, that so often stare us in the face?
Could we be there for outsiders, as well as the folk we love?
The answer to this is in the depth of prayer,
And the faith that we hold so very near.
The people that we cherish and have come to love so dear.
Yes we can even love strange folk, for we are strange to them,
So let us take the road to love and understanding,
And never ever veer,
And keep a perfect line in life,
A straight type of road to steer.

EMMO Jan 2001


Divinity is almost Virginity, not quite, for the more that you share,
and the more that you care shows how you tend to treat life.
Wayward not true, only far away too, but Oh! so near,
for your heart it may share in the way that you treat life.

Newness for old the limit is untold, and you pray bring in the new,
if you know what to do, donít fraternize, just recognize, be just one of the few.
Way out on your own, you are not really alone,
providing that you are able to share, please donít be a Dork,
try to sit down and talk, and show someone how much you care.

EMMO Dec 2000


Peace the serenity of thought and hope,
Quiet the Serenity the hope of Peace.
Yet in the quietness of time,
is peace or serenity sublime,
or just a quiet spell.

EMMO Nov 2000

Sleigh Time

Just once a year in his lovely red suit,
over the roof tops comes Santa not playing a flute,
encased with his reindeers and fully packed sleigh,
with all of those presents that he gives away.

But for all children to qualify,
they must be good at least for one whole day,
and if they argue and fight then Santa
passes their house by on Christmas Eve night.

For those who are good, and do as they are told,
will find that they are not left out in the cold,
so if the children behave like they ought,
then by being good they are not overwrought.

So Parents just teach the kids what to do,
and to follow your footsteps, and become just like you,
Teach them the values of lifeís own sweet ways,
and then they can look forward to much nicer days.

EMMO Dec 2000


I once thought life was sweet
Until I moved into our street
Then found that I was oh! so wrong
Yet I had the will to carry on.

Every time I looked around
I really simply and easily found
Those who had to moan and groan
And could not leave me alone.

The time draws so very near
For the mouse's ugly head to rear
Yes I am that horrid mouse
In point of fact a damn right louse.

People tend to make me this way
Really do not like what I say
But I just do not give a damn
For after all I am my own man

Maybe Goodbye

I as other men do dream
Many times I love to scheme
But still I carry on
Well until these feelings have gone.

By this you may really see
I am dreaming once again
Does anybody really care
NO! to them I am not there.

So I shall simply disappear
And face life in different mode
Yet one thing that I fear
I may be off down the road.

Should I

Do I feel remorseful
As I brush aside a tear
NO not I, I can truly say
I just love to be this way.

Why should I strive
To be so nice
Can anyone explain
This funny kind of pain.

So please world
Leave me alone
Then I may take the time
To reflect and atone.

In Disguise

Like flies around a jam pot
Waiting just to pounce
Wanting more than a pound
Cannot do with an ounce.

Although they pretend to love you
By things they say and do
Always buttering you up
Yes this is very true.

Yet somewhere they forget
We have seen this all before
And the lesson we have learned
Is to simply shut the door.

And if this does not do the trick
There are other things to do
Cut them from the will
And then the BOO BOO HOO.

So sons and daughter remember this
Moms and Dads need more than hugs
Also a little loving kiss
So extend your arms to them.

It is nice to give your parents
What they so deserve
Do not want everything.
Do not have the nerve.

Just Until

Lilly at the brand new home
Eli at the trailer park all alone
But come the 24th of may
That will be completion day.

Then once this day
Has come and gone
Back together once
More to carry on.

Now happy times up ahead
So very pleased it can be said
So dear friends just enjoy this life
For from this moment, no more strife.

No more mud or nasty snow
Only a drier path to go
Many new things to be done
So dear friends at last have fun.

So very Special

Only apart for a while
Soon things to be
Will bring a smile
Just wait and see.

Friends that rally around
Give rise to us for solid ground
While enemy's mean not a thing
For their meaning is limp like string.

To have true friends
Upon this mortal earth
Gives to us all
A life of sheer worth.


Where do we lay the blame,
Especially when things go wrong?
What special kind of fame,
Is it a special kind of song?

We argue and we also fight,
The future is bleak, black as night.
I see no tunnel up ahead,
Might just as well be stone dead.

Talk to others, but not to me,
This is why I only see,
A darkness over head.
Yes might as well be dead.

I feel that it is not worth trying,
For a saddened heart is always crying.
No smile no glee my friend,
Just doom and gloom until the end.

Shorter Than A Dream

Cannot sleep only poetry is there down deep,
So now to spout some poetry for awhile,
I shall keep it shallow, but in style,
Here are my thoughts throughout the night.

I shall keep it short, and keep it sweet,
And make it right before I sleep,
Enough now my friend, I have said,
For this old poet is off to bed.

A cockerel in the farmyard crows,
Which makes his vocal chords grow,
Yet gradually this is now diminishing,
As the crowing of the cock is finishing.

Long Past

People only like peace and solitude,
With of course them being rude,
No feeling for other folk, this my friend is no joke,
Farmyard noises now have gone, can something carry on?

Perhaps we should all make some din,
Then farmyard noises would not be a sin,
Let us go back to the better days,
And clear our minds of this nasty haze.

Let us all be natural, do those things we need,
For I do not ever want to be, that funny kind of breed,
So take your stand, against these type of folk,
And let us treat them as some kind of joke.

Disappearing Love

Night, no magic there at all,
Winter time follows fall.
If Spring should ever come again,
I bet it will herald rain.

No outlook to keep one warm,
Just a terrific kind of storm.
Who cares, who does cry?
No not me, not I.

Perhaps one day things could be great,
But first my friend, you need that mate.
Somehow they are hard to find,
Is there really a loving kind.


Waiting for life to give us the best,
Means just waiting like all the rest.
But if there are things you need,
Don't lay about and go to seed.

Get up and go for what is there,
You will find it all worthwhile, I swear.
So much is there for every one,
And on your journey there will be fun.

And when you are able to retire,
You will not give up, and just expire.
You will look back and see things were funny,
But most of all you will have money.

Light Of Life

A light that shines, shows us the way,
How we need that light each day.
We need the guidance that it brings,
And of course all those other things.

Like praying and having faith in life,
Working hard and fighting off all the various strife.
To be God fearing, try not to commit sin and such,
I feel that is what we all need very much.

So shine a light and show the way,
Help other people every day.
Be staunch and proud, by being true,
Then other people will look up to you.

The Lark

High in the sky soars a lark,
Only at day, never at night,
Looks down to see the insects below,
I am sure in his eyes there is some kind of glow.

His brain tells him food,
Something to eat,
All big and juicy,
And some perfect treat.

After the food he gets down to rest,
Spending some time with his spouse in the nest,
Then time once again to take to the sky,
Day after day, that's how he gets by.

Through Life

Little boys playing the way that they do,
This also means fighting which is very true,
Moaning and groaning about mum and dad,
Trying to think are they the best to be had.

Like their friends' parents, more than their own,
Yet they would not think so, if they were alone,
We all see the greener grass beyond our ken,
But it is certain we will do it over again.

When we grow up, and go off to work,
We treat other people as some kind of burke,
No more do we play, just moan and groan,
And finally find we are left on our own.


Listening to the radio is something of the past,
Watching the television, will it ever last?
Reading comics as a child, going out running wild,
All these things have been the child.

Life is and has been funny,
Even when short of money.
But still life goes on day by day,
And I have found no other way.

I am sure that as life goes on,
We will find that these things have gone.
It is called progress, so we are told,
How I hate just growing old.

Why So?

Why is a man always wrong?
And why are women right?
Why do children come along?
To give the parents light?

Why do we die of old age?
Why do we like to see,
Animals and birds in a cage?
Why should it ever be?

Would someone tell me please?


I find that this dimension,
Is far beyond my comprehension.
How can one understand,
While things are underhand?

When growing up as a child,
And to our parents we seemed wild.
We only learned the basic truth,
Our heads were always through the roof.

No time to learn, no reason why,
To late to grasp things, but we try.
Yet with lack of comprehension,
How can we understand this dimension.

After Midnight

A minute past midnight and things getting quiet,
Peace hopefully arrives to quell the noise of the day.
Yet the night is gone all too soon, no longer a bright lit moon,
And once again a new day does dawn, and stars have disappeared.

And life goes on each and every way, each and every day,
The turning circle of life we find, is never ever left far behind.
For where we lead to make a kind of path, for all to tread,
Soon back to a minute past midnight, again all things are dead.


Searching for a dream,
Thinking up a scheme,
All a part of life,
Just a little strife.

No matter what you do,
Things don't always come true,
But still the fight goes on,
Until all hopes of dreams have gone.


Poetry is a part of history,
Penned in the years gone by,
And still today it is there,
To make you cry, to make you care.

Some poetry is rather deep,
Hard to understand,
Some maybe shallow,
And not so very sound.

But poetry brushes the brow,
Read it right and then know how,
Others in the past have felt,
Even to the old time Celt.

Make poetry a part of your life,
Treat it as a loving wife,
For poetry is always true,
And it will always see you through.


Looking at the realm of the animal,
I find pure dignity and grace,
I would prefer to be an animal,
For I dislike the human race.

The animal will only kill when the need,
The human not only does he kill,
He also wallows in downright greed,
So why a human overspill.

If I could rid the world of greed,
And the starving I could feed,
Possibly with a smiling face,
Then I would like the human race.

Leap Through Life

In jest many words are spoken that are true,
But I guess they don't mean much at all to you,
You never take life so very serious,
In fact you are indeed mysterious.

You appear to like most simple things,
Like food, along with donut rings,
Plus a little drink or two,
These are some things that you do.

At one time you would go out to a dance,
Strut your stuff, and simply prance,
Now you have turned old and gray,
All these things have gone away.

And at long last pure solitude,
No longer wishing to be rude,
Giving way to things which are right,
But most of all, a peaceful night.


Is there a reason for how you feel?
Is there a reason for being ill?
Is there a reason for so much strife?
Is there a reason for a normal life?

Is there a reason?


Misty on the moors,
I would rather stay indoors,
Keeping warm by the fire,
So I do not expire.

I do not mind the sleet and rain,
Prefer the sun when it comes again,
Bright days with clear blue sky,
This gives no rise to wonder why.

The Boat Of Life

Standing looking out to sea,
Was a boy just like me,
Waiting for his boat to arrive,
Man it is good to be alive.

Of all the nice things in the universe,
Sometimes better, sometimes worse,
For all the strife and all the pain,
We go back time and time again.

Never learning a lesson, as we should,
For if we were to, it maybe good,
But these things are far above our head,
And then all far too late, you are dead.

Can You?

Can you smile when things go wrong?
Can you always get along?
Can you cry if you need?
Can a cut always bleed?

Can you find a rainbow when it has rained?
Can you find some life once it has drained?
Can you live a life without woe?
Can you? Well I don't think so.

Can you worry all day long?
Can you ever, if it is wrong?
Can you atone for your sin?
Can you possibly be my twin?

Can you die with dignity?
Can you keep your virginity?
Can you sleep well at night?
Can you? Then you have life right.


Snuggling up really tight,
Helps keep out the winters night,
Simply trying to be warm,
Not wanting any kind of harm.

A kiss a hug for a friend,
Not to borrow, not to lend,
Given freely, and mean it too,
This is all you need to do.

In Mothers Eyes

A baby crying, mother mops the brow,
Giving comfort to the little mite,
The best way she knows how,
Instinct telling her it is right.

A mothers love for her child,
Is far beyond compare,
Not a love that is wild,
Nor one even is rare.

It is the kind that mothers show,
To give their babies the finest start,
While they watch the babies grow,
This love comes from within the heart.

So thank God for the mothers,
Those that show true love,
Guide them to be God fearing,
Of the almighty one above.


After rain come rainbows,
To brighten up the sky.
Answer me this question,
Have you ever wondered why?

After storm there is the calm,
Do you wonder why?
These things can cause harm,
Like lightening in the sky.

Nature can be marvelous,
Do you wonder why?
And people can be frivolous,
With the bye and bye.

We all take things for granted,
Which we never ought to do.
And those things we take for granted,
Are part of life for me and you.

Would You Take A Minute?

Would you take a minute,
Just to pray to God?
And if you took the time,
Would others think you odd?

Would you take a minute,
To brighten up someone's day?
Or would you turn the other cheek,
And simply run away?

Would you rock the cradle,
In which the baby is asleep?
Or would you just pass on by,
Like some kind of creep?

Would you take a minute,
To read this tiny little poem?
Or would you just forget it,
Incase it does strike home?

Would you take a minute?

The Universe

There are many moons throughout the sky,
This makes one sit and wonder why,
So very many stars shine too,
Really many things to do.

Maybe the power of the brain,
Will give us something on which to train,
All those thoughts within our heads,
Not to be like broken threads.

So many stars and so many a moon,
Simply there to keep our minds in tune,
Yet there is a lifetime full of such,
And all these things we like so much.

Night Peaceful Night

The quietness of the night,
All things to me no plight,
No birds that sing, or even,
Bees that buzz and sting.

For the quietness that surrounds me,
Never ceases to astound me,
Peace and solitude comes at a price,
While everything is quiet as the mice.

The humdrum noises of the day,
Finally have gone away, so nice,
This is the time to reflect,
On the past days events.

You can gather up your mind,
And leave all the troubles,
Of the day, well behind,
And implant pleasant thoughts.

So if you can find my friend,
The quietness of the night,
Take the time, gather up your thoughts,
Make sure you get things right.


Has the world gone mad?
What are people doing?
Just a sad place to be,
Strife is not needed I feel.

The world could be a better place,
But I fear not with the human race,
Bombing, killings going on, just upsetting,
This new type of natures song.

Far back in time long gone by,
The same applied, no reason why,
Sheer stupidity is all I see,
Not a place for you and me.

Let us unite to end all strife,
If we should need to take some life,
Let us be strong and do it now,
End the terrorism now.

Wake Up Call

Waking as the day does dawn,
Once more heralding the morn.
What lies ahead for you and I,
Another bomb from out of the sky?

What do people ever feel?
Is this simply being real?
No not at all, as you well know,
Heads down low, as on their way they go.

Lacking thoughts for other folk,
Loss of life treated as a joke,
Is this the extent of their sense?
Someone has to pay recompense.

Make it soon and make it now,
The terrorist must be gone,
Countries of the world unite,
Perhaps finally to get it right.

A Thought For Every Day

Is anybody out there with feeling?
Is there someone with a brain?
If so please use it as you need to do.
Things are really up to me and you.


Nights are short, days seem long,
When working as one should do,
Yet the meaning is hidden deep inside,
Of ones brain, and may possibly be denied.

We hate to tax our brains I fear,
This is why thoughts are not clear,
Funny beings the human race,
To me just an unmeaning disgrace.

Animals to me are nicer than most folk,
This I really mean, and not as a joke,
They do what they need to do,
So much better than either me or you.

 In My Dreams

In my dreams I see pleasant things,
That is why I like to dream a lot,
There are no wars, there is no strife,
There is no better way of life.

People wanting fortunes, to satisfy their greed,
Something I do not want, or ever really need,
Give me peace and solitude, that is the road to travel,
So all of the greediness in life, I shall let you unravel.

So please be a friend and do it well,
Simply lead the way, that we may need to go,
Teach us as did others long before,
If not enough, then teach us more.

The Monster On Your Street

A funny kind of monster is living in our street,
It only has half an ear, yet giant enormous feet,
So much hair, not on its head, only from its nose,
But it simply keeps on growing, it is now down past his toes.

He has no eyes where they should be,
For they are inserted in each knee,
On each hand he has many fingers,
A rare sort of sight to see, and yes it lingers.

So if you have a monster in your street,
Take time out and stop and do him greet,
For monsters have feelings too.
This I know. Yes I sometimes am a monster too.


A photograph of years gone by,
May bring a tear or two to the eye,
But somewhere in-between, a smile,
If you understand just what I mean.

The happy thoughts that we have had,
Were in the past things which were not sad,
Every person has to laugh, smile or cry,
Well here is of course the reason why.

Life is pure circumstance which is true,
And if you will stop to look, or take a little glance,
You will find that what was long before,
Will be there for evermore.

Long Ago

Children playing in the street,
Waiting for their dad to greet,
As he comes home from daily toil,
Maybe in a mill, or on the soil.

This was way back in times gone by,
So there is now no need to cry,
Things are better now those have past,
Simply hoping it will just last.

A Testing Time

In this world, cruelty rears it's ugly head,
And greed is rife throughout the universe,
Never getting better, only much worse,
No pleasantries, until you are dead.

Then hopefully in heaven there will be,
A nicer place for both you and me,
No more cruelty, no more greed,
Read these lines, and then take heed.

Simply travel the right road, learn well,
For if you do not try your best,
You may just end up in hell,
So friend just take the test.

Do Not Kill

Little Freddy was a frog,
Little Fido was a dog,
Little Tiger was a cat,
I hope you children all like that.

Most Animals are friendly too,
all of them are in a Zoo,
but you cannot trust everyone of these
or there are some that give you fleas.

Then there are Pigs and Elephants,
Lions, and Kangaroo,
even tiny little Mice that cuddle up to you,

so if you go to visit them,
and find that this is fun,
never take to hunting them,
like a hunter with his gun.

Preserve life for what it is worth,
and keep these Creatures Safe on our Earth.

EMMO Dec 2000

Serious Or Mysterious

Trick or treat come Halloween,
something of which I am not keen,
and as these things in life roll on by,
Halloween I wonder why.

Could this be that I am a grouch,
or a potato on the couch,
no not at all, for I love most things,
like Christmas presents and shiny rings.

They say that the best things in life are free,
WELL! Does this also apply to me,
no I think not, for I am really dear,
I show no favors and I show no fear.

Just on my own, I have no strife,
and neither do I have a wife,
so I can afford to have a pet hate,
Something that makes me feel real great.

And if there is a moral to this tale,
could it mean to be strong and not frail.

EMMO Dec 2000

The Passing Of Time

In the Twilight of ones years
should there be any tears,
only for the normal things,
like a Death perhaps, or even complacency.

The granting of maybe a wish,
no longer needed like cold fish,
and in the twinkling of ones eye,
another day that has passed by.

From the time you were a child,
growing older day by day,
on reaching puberty,
and the pains that would not go away.

On toward Marriage, and Toddlers too,
growing up just like you,
and finding that those years have gone by,
maybe they will sit and cry,
when finding another day gone by.

So shedding tears, when you are old,
perhaps for normal things,
is the following of life and complacency.

Just be yourself, donít sit and cry,
over time that has passed by,
look forward to that special time,
be content and sublime.

EMMO Dec 1999.

Be Good

A very happy Christmas, the thing that Santa says,
To all the little Girls and Boys in many kinds of ways.
And if they have been good, all the whole year through,
Then he will bring them presents, and other goodies too.

So listen all you Children, and hear what Santa says,
Just be good once in a while, then you will have very happy days.
Do all those things that are ask of you,
And then you will find, that Santa Visits too,

If now and then you miss the path,
You wont get a present, you will only hear old Santa laugh.
For he can be just awful, and leave you without a thing,
But if you are good, you wont get the Santa sting.

The answer is just be good in every kind of way,
Then you will wake up on Christmas, and find a Christmas day.
Now have a happy Christmas, you now know what to do,
Be good for your mother and your dad, then Santa will visit you.

Work A While

Just lingering, and thinking of the many things to be done,
Like cleaning house and washing up, things to do by the ton.

Now housework is the most monotonous work,
When you do it all the time, you wish that you could simply shirk.

But all tasks around the house must be done basically every day,
For a Woman's work is never done or so they are heard to say.

A mans bleeding heart, is giving them the time,
Providing they make their man feel fine.

Linger for a while then smile.

Holidays twice a year, was this meant to be,
when all of your life you have spent working every day
and praying that you can retire long before you expire.

So can you see the way ahead really clear,
or is work oh so drear, for if it is,
is it something one can bear.

Day dawns once again, it heralds in the morn,
and before you can look round, it suddenly is gone.
Then Night begins to take its place, it becomes real dark,
and all the birds have nested down,
and there is no bird song to listen to,
not a single thing to hark.

Now it is morning once again, day in day out,
it is all about turning day and night around.
But someday it will end, then what will you do my friend,
why you will be dead and gone just like me,
naught a thing to carry on.

Strive ahead it is said, carry on with life,
do the things you want to do, live life to the full.
Have no regrets donít look back on the bad things you have done,
keep looking ahead and do better things and be a model being.

For with some foresight you will see that life is what you desire,
if you keep out of the frying pan and even more the fire.

Set your pattern, of the life you wish to lead,
and if you do the things you wish, you surely will succeed.

The way you decide to carry on,
should tell you that all of those bad things have gone,
so donít be foolish, donít be a jerk,
go for the niceties of life, but most of all just work.

What A Thought

Here in lies a thought,
What if that which you are doing counts for naught,
Are you doing what you ought.
Or ought you be doing naught,
In case that is what you thought.
So is ought the thought that is naught.

If that's what you think
Donít kick up a stink,
And donít even blink
For you might just get caught,
When you really do naught.

An Unmissed Wisp

Have fun with your life, live it to the full,
Do not work hard make easy your living rule.
When you are born and herald in the morn, you begin to cry,
And then from that start you just live to die.

So think that the best thing that can be done,
Is try to live a whole Millennium,
Should this you do and reach one hundred years,
From the Monarch that is in rule,
A Telegram to say just simply a very happy One Hundredth Birthday.

Medals none for your struggle in this life,
And most of all long gone, perhaps a Darling Wife.
Who knows, who cares, for you will not live very long after this,
For once you are dead , you are not even something to miss.


Summer is around the corner, after having Winter for a while,
But first Spring to arouse the flowers
Buds, to give life to beautiful things.

The colors that we have for those who can see,
And the smells for those of our race that don't.

And after all this wonderment, Autumn comes to call,
Known to other Countries, just usually as the Fall.

Now we come back round to Summer,
And start this Cycle over once again,
So on our way once more.


Happiness is pleasant just to say the least,
But sadness is in fact a rather nasty beast.

So be happy while you are able, and smile most every day,
This is without doubt the thing to do to keep the blues at bay.

Yet if like me you Falter every once in a while,
Say to the world be happy and give them all a smile.

Weather Carousel

Look once more it rains, but not for to long,
Then it allows you to carry on.

Just for a while it stops to rest,
Then out comes the Sun I guess that this is best.

Nicer than Snow, cannot wait for that to go,
Down comes the fog, there is no view,

What on earth are you to do, wait a while it then will change,
Just to start over once again.

Original Poetry By Emmo.

A Children's Story by Poet Emmo.

The Pink Mouse

Pink Mouse lived in the Toyland Warren, and many other creatures lived there too. Pink Mouse loved to be adventurous and have lots of fun. He had a very special friend. This friend was called Squirrel, but there were very many other friends who lived there too, and they all loved to play. Among these friends was Philbert Frog, he simply liked to hop all over the place. Gertrude the Goose also tried to hop, but she could only waddle.

One day while out on a short adventure, Pink Mouse came upon Woody, a little wood louse, all rolled up in a tight little ball, "Why are you rolled up in a ball," he asked. "Trying to fend off an attack from those red ants," Woody replied, "Oh! I shall ask Gertrude to chase them away for you," said Pink Mouse. He asked Gertrude if she would do that, and Gertrude replied, "I will do that and many other things for my friends."

With the ants gone, Woody the Louse unrolled and was very happy, then there was a thud, thud, thud, and who do you think appeared? Yes, it was Rachel Rabbit. "Can we all play some games," she asked. "Of course we can," was the reply. Suddenly the warren was alive with fun and laughter, and everyone enjoyed the playtime. Many other friends came to call upon them and had joined in the fun. Later when they had all finished playing, it was decide to go off to bed for the night, looking forward to another day. Good night and God bless everyone.


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