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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  I will continue to publish your poetry in his honour, Poet Emmo's webmaster.

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Being Clever

Everyone thinks they are clever,
As clever, as clever can be,
But all the time they think they are clever,
They are not as clever as me.

Submitted by Karen Jeffett

My Beloved Best Friend

Like a gift from such Deity,
A loving man with a fulgent flambeaux,
Lit my candle with harmony,
He is my strength and Waterloo.

Submitted by Mary Ann De Belen

My Dad

Sometimes I get so lonely,
Sometimes I get so sad,
Sometimes I get so lonely,
But you're the best friend I ever had.

My Dad was a lovely man inside and out,
I wish I knew what he was all about,
He acted hard, he said he couldn't care less,
But underneath all that, he was the best.

By acting hard he pushed me away,
Never returning to see my pain,
I was so sad and lonely too,
I wanted to help my dad.

What he went through,
He was told he had diabetes, very bad,
You know he lost his leg, his eyesight as well,
My poor dad, he went through hell.


Depression is horrible and nasty,
But true Depression is negative in all that we do,
Depression is horrible all the time,
But by being all smiles,
We leave depression behind.

Troubled Mother

I am a troubled mother, with children here and there,
Don't know what I've done in life for them being here and there,
And my Grandchildren one, two, three, could be four,
Step ones as well, could be more,
Life is strange how things turn out,
What is family all about?

Submitted by Karen Jeffett ( Poet Emmo's daughter )
The above three pieces on February 27, 2007

The Smile And The Laughter

There was sunshine because of his smile,

There was joy because of his laughter,

Though Iím blinded by darkness, silence and sorrow,

I know he still dreams and he now watches over,

And I know he smiles because my days are now brighter,

And I know heís happy because I can still hear his laughter.

Submitted by Humberto Salazar 7/17/2006

A Christmas Remembrance

As I look around this room today,
It's such a site to see,
The children here and children there,
And some look just like me.

I can smell the turkey cooking,
The stuffing's on its way,
Now that's what I remember,
Of our time on Christmas day .

The kids are playing over there,
Their voices much too loud,
"But mom I just won at Checkers here,
I thought you would be proud!"

The men are in the other room,
The game is on you see,
"If turkeys done and needs be carved,
just yell down here to me."

"Get the plates, get the forks,
and get them on the table."
"I need that bowl from way up there,
but be careful, that chair is not that stable!"

"Come on kids its time to eat,
don't let your plate get cold."
"Well, you would be hungry if you wouldn't snack,
How many times must you be told?"

The dinner's done now, the table cleared,
Time for the gift exchange!
But as I look around this room,
There is something very strange?

A missing laugh, an empty chair.
Where is the backbone of this family?

Our lives went on through the hurt,
No matter what the cost,
He taught us all a lesson here,
And I know it is not lost.

He gave us more than we can say,
Just look around this room,
He taught us all forgiveness,
No grudges here will loom.

He taught us all of giving,
We share our gifts with joy,
He taught us all of loving,
Our hearts we all employ.

He taught us all of family,
The most important of them all,
They must come first, no matter what,
Be there for each other's call.

People come and people go,
But family carries on,
The bond we share is stronger here,
Than ever written in a song.

Now as I look around this room,
It's not that strange you see,
For that empty chair is filled with love,
His gift to you and me.

The quiet laugh is louder now,
I hear it everywhere,
I hear it in my child's voice,
I hear it in his prayers.

Thank you Dad for all you gave,
Your gift we will always treasure,
Because for all you gave and all you did,
It's the love we cannot measure.

Submitted by Stephanie Weber


Friends are sweet and kind,
But sometimes they can mess with your mind,
Even though they can make you feel blue,
They help you when it is needed,
But then again, they can be very conceded.

Submitted by Tricia

Everyday I Think Of You

Everyday I think of you,
Wondering if you think of me too,
I think of when we're together,
And know I want to be with you forever.

I've never felt this way before,
And each day I love you more and more,
Saying that you love me too,
Makes me know this love is true.

In my heart there is no doubt,
That your the only one I care about,
I need you like you'll never know,
So hold me tight, and don't let go.

Submitted by Nicole

Lately I Have Been

Lately I have been,
On a voyage of self-discovery.
I am no longer the boy you once knew,
The sailor, the fisherman, the policeman.
I feel I am too good for this world,
I should start anew.

I should be sipping tea,
With Jeeves, in an English gentleman's villa.
A pretty lady would pay call on me,
And weíll dance, glitter,
Have a ball. Literally.
Yes, I feel its time for a change.

Damn you! Not you God, someone else.
Anyone else. When Iím gone they will realize,
What they did to this superstar. How ironic.
And did they realize my potential? No.
Did they see my genius? No. I sat
In the corner, swatting flies. That wasnít a fly.
That was Mr. Peters.

Shakespeare was a genius. I may be
Even more of a genius than he. Could he do algebra?
No. Well, neither can I. But who needs algebra?
I will be sitting in my stripy suit writing quatrains.
Yes thatís it. I may not sip tea. Maybe coke.
Some people do find me strange,
But I think its time for a change

Submitted by Penelope Street

No Friend At All

There was this friend I had at school,
There was this friend I like very well,
Went my life when down I turn to her,
There was this friend that care not at all.

There was this friend I take lots about,
Thank god everyday for giving her to me,
But this friend,
This friend had put me down,

This friend I had,
Have hurt me so.
What hurt me more is she didn't care,
What stick my heart is she turn aways.

There was this friend no friend want at all,
There was this friend,
That turn out to be,
No friend at all.

Submitted by Shockkeria Wright


I had a dream I thought was real,
For in this dream I could feel.
With all the touching and emotion,
Maybe took a drug or potion.

This dream had felt so honest and true,
That I'd captured the very taste of you.
Your seductive eyes are so captivating,
I could feel our chemistry activating.

Your kiss is so moist and filled with passion,
You arouse my senses with true satisfaction.
The heat from your body so dangerously high,
That you melt my soul and I come alive.

What is this magic that you possess,
As you leave me breathless with your caress?
As our bodies touch and we combine,
Into enchanting dimensions we intertwine.

Each move each breath in perfect rhythm,
As we carry our own exotic system.
I feel your depth as you lunge in tightly,
Your liquid explodes, rushes inside me.

With orgasmic pleasure and sweet ecstasy,
So intense and exciting a true fantasy.

Submitted by Elsie Denise Clem

In the Kitchen

It was the garden's fault.
The idea of the slumbering garden awakening,
Excited him so much,
That he spilled the coffee.

Maybe it was the coffee's fault.
Spilling onto the shirt,
So his hands got to get shakily close,
In the pulsating kitchen.

Perhaps it was the kitchen's fault.
The coffee on the stove.
The garden out the window.
It was the pulsating first kiss kitchen.

Submitted by Caroline Gauger

Gentle Hands

Gentle hands upon my face,
Gentle hands of a warm embrace,
Gentle hands run through my hair,
Gentle hands filled with care.

These gentle hands I hold in mine,
They let me know I'll be just fine,
Gentle hands that hold me tight,
Wrapped around me all through the night.

Gentle hands that are filled with love,
Gentle hands that won't push or shove,
These gentle hands that heal my pain,
Fill my heart with strength again.

So take care of these hands, they are special to me,
Cause if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be.

Submitted by Cara Osborne

Combined Hearts

Waking souls with beating hearts.
We're making room for brand new starts.
Wandering minds has made us smart,
While spreading arms have joined our hearts.
From now till the day we part.
Love is stronger with combined hearts.

Submitted by James David Coleman

Worthless or Useless

Your wasting life out into my breath,
Every word leads closer to death.
All the engird that's buried and stored,
Will be released out of my pores.
Strong you say is still in me,
I'm only human through the world they see.
Still I'm weak and will be gone,
This is useless it made me born.
Took energy away to lead to death,
Well that's ok I'm already a mess.

Submitted by Audrey

Love Unfulfilled

I think of you in the morning and I think of you at night.
My heart is always with you. You have never left my sight.
Though I cannot touch you I feel you all around.
Your smile still makes my heart beat faster and your voice: Oh, what a beautiful sound.

A tear drop falls on your picture when I hold it close to my heart.
I cannot forget you and I so do not want to part.
Yet I know that I am no good for you and cannot be the one.
I must be strong now and keep up my head. Yet I want to run.

Please remember me with fondness and with care.
I love you and always will be the one who caught your stare.
I know we both must carry on with our lives lived separately.
Yet this I must insist upon: You will be in my heart indefinitely.

Good bye now dearest one. Go now. Farewell. Remember:
Wherever you are wherever you will be:
Someone will think of you and tell, tell the story of love,
Of love unfulfilled and of a heart that is broken.

But do not dismay since this one is grateful,
For a gift surpassing the stars in splendor.
No regrets no remorse,
Only fondness and memories bittersweet.

Submitted by Enrico Lange

Life throws some curves.....crash and burn or get better tires!

Submitted by Traci Kimberly Young

Mistake To A Fake

Thereís more to life then there seems,
Thereís more that meets the eye,
Why donít we get out more and explore?
Instead of wasting our youth with a guy?

Iíve been there and done that,
And Iíve learnt from my mistakes,
One of the most valued lessons Iíve learnt,
Is that all guys are fakes!

They tell you that youíre pretty,
They comment on your smile,
They give you credit on the clothes your wearing,
Only hoping they will be off in a while.

If theyíre not given what they expect,
Or your performance isnít to its best,
Iím afraid to say there will be no future,
For this guy has failed u at his test.

But not all is lost,
For you still have your pride,
So tell me whatís more important?
The guy whoís genuine, or the guy who lied?

So next time you feel youíve been used,
Or youíre about to make a mistake,
Take a look around you and face the reality,
Before itís too late!

Submitted by Sarah O'Grady

Passion's Flames

A touch, soft and tender,
A whisper, full of desire,
A gasp of a sweet surrender,
As passion fuels the fire.

No words spoken between them,
No Promises to be kept,
No lies being told tonight,
No looking back - no regrets.

Longing to hold each other,
Such precious little time,
Both vowed to another,
Being lonely their only crime.

Tomorrow bringing sorrow,
A brief moment of shame,
With the memory of this one night,
A release from passion's flame.

Submitted by Sandra R. Goetschel

So Many Questions.. No Answers

What was the best thing for me?
Wish everything would go back to the way it used to be?
How was I supposed to feel?
Nothing was a big deal?

You walked around inside my head,
Because nothing was ever said.
You were in every thought, in every word,
My love for you was never heard.

Nothing could describe the pain,
That I'm dancing circles in the rain,
For the rain would wash away my tears,
Take your place and comfort my fears.

Should I walk everywhere and wonder why?
I can't get rid of your sorry good-bye.
As you ran through me breaking me more,
Hurting me worse than the day before.

Maybe it was because you didn't care,
That I tried so hard and got no where.
Have you ever wondered how much it cost,
To see a love you had then lost?

I went to sleep dreaming of the past,
Forever this love was never to last.
I wish I could wake up to hearing your voice,
I was played for a fool by your own choice.

Because you chose her,
I wondered what we were,
You turned your back and walked away,
Tomorrow...I'm going to have the same feeling I had today.

You wouldn't listen, you were to stubborn,
Spinning around, I had no where to turn.
I believe that the best things in life are free,
Blind you were, my love you couldn't see.

I offered you my love to cherish and hold,
But you ignored it like it was something old.
I cared so much,
That I fell in love with your touch.

That turned out to be fake,
But it was my own mistake,
For me to give you my heart,
For you to only tear apart.

I told myself time heals everything,
But what would time really bring?
No closure, hope, uncertainty,
Hurting me came so easily.

But now I'm done,
Because I can no longer run,
From myself and how I feel,
I was in love, it seemed so real...

How could you do this?
It was me you'd never miss,
And if you did, and were to come back soon,
Remembering the nights under the midnight moon.

It was myself that I would have to fight,
To be with you again just wasn't right.
By you, I was so very moved,
A lie is all that you could have proved.

I'll love you less and hopefully continue no more,
I'll promise to love myself much more than before.

Submitted by Casey B. Krischik

Fear Of Love / Patience

"For every door that closes there's a new window for you"
A simple truth I must realize?
Never knew the door'd slam if you're half way through
And does the window carry an equal surprise?

If I accept pain for pleasure then where does it end?
This emotional cycle will start again
If I risk Love once more and ignore where I've been
Will I get what I give and be happy within.

Hope is the key and should never crumble
Don't leave the Love that you feel left behind
Though when the voice in your heart begins to mumble
Maybe it's time to listen to your mind.

It's the Thinking that kills you?
So accept that you're wrong
Don't be scared to move on
I'll fight through this with you.

It's The Thinking that kills me!
But together we're strong
"Me and You" till it's gone
Then we're happy and free.

It is you that I want, for showing me Love
Touch my soul and feel its completeness is near
It is you that I need, you're my gift from above
Touch my heart and feel what I feel when you're here.

Where are you now? - For my hope walks with you
Oh I fear that tomorrow's sun will not shine
For the link that connects us will be ever true
I feel your fear too and I know you feel mine.

Yet my fear is overpowered by my ongoing dream
Kept alive by those memories when I had you with me
I dream my dream everyday, for it makes All worth while
If my life were a snapshot - then its centre's your smile.

I have not yet begun, though I'm seeing an End
My mind conjures up what I can't comprehend
Words, pictures, feelings which I never knew lived
Are surrounding my thoughts, now I know I have loved.

There's no desire to live forever if my Aura stayed Blue
But Eternity's calling, I now know what to do
For one day I know my one wish will come true
Everlasting, forever and always with you.

Submitted by Markus Tšuscher

The Day You Left Me

The day you left me
was a nasty day.
Everything was wrong
and the sky was all gray.

I didn't have a warning you were leaving
I didn't get to say good-bye.
I think that's what hurt the most
I think that's why I cried.

I remember the day we laid you down
December 13,1993
I just wished you jump from your casket
And with your arms had grabbed me.

But it never happened
I guess that's the way it had to be
I remember grandma laying your
tool belt across your waist
I know you're still with me.

But it's not the same
without you here with me
There's so much I wanted to tell you
I just can't leave things be
I love you, I miss you, and good-bye.

Submitted By Laura Rankin

Life And Death

Life is given to us all,
No matter how short or long,
When the Lord makes his call,
Death is never wrong.

Those that have gone away,
To be with the One above,
No matter what we would like to say,
This call is just for love.

I write this poem to say I do,
It is written for no other,
To say that we all do love you,
To you, our baby brother.

This dreaded disease that has taken you,
This disease that they call AIDS,
Hits anyone no matter who,
It leaves you in a daze.

AIDS is a sentence of death,
For those of us who get it,
No matter how long we have left,
You never will forget it.

But death for those is peace of mind,
Because they suffer so,
They do not want to leave behind,
The families that watched them grow.

No matter when God makes his call,
We know it's for the best,
We know it really hurts us all,
But then they're laid to rest.

This poem is written in memory of
Michael J. Brown. (Brother)
Who died on January 30, 1990 of AIDS
March 1, 1961 - January 30, 1990

Written by his sister, Julie A. Brown.

Eye See

I look out at the sea and the sky,
And wonder why the sky so high,
Appears to me to touch the sea.
How can that be? What I see - cannot be.

Submitted by Stevan Spasojevic

A Tear For A Bird

To a man, the 'death' of a bird,
There's no meaning in that word,
For a bird do live or die,
Matters little to the human eye.

To me, the 'death' of a bird,
Ushers a touch of gloom in that word,
A depressed sense of sorrow,
Deep in my heart o'er a sparrow.

Of all the places around,
How the little sparrow found,
A roof-hole, for its groom,
In my busy office room?

They both settled inside,
The tiny nest of their pride,
Flirting and searching,
Caressing and perching.

Their shrill and sharp noise,
As they flew across,
Tilted my mental peace,
Keeping me ill at ease.

My superior complex forbade,
Their trespass o'er my head.
Out they flew, at my chase,
But back they came, in retrace.

Their unbreakable obstinacy,
Won o'er my supremacy,
As I got reconciled to them,
With the passage of time.

A straw or a feather drop,
From their tiny nest atop,
I threw out from my table,
Thereafter without a grumble.

What a shocking fatal day!
The ever remaining sparrow gay
Fell dead, belly ripped open,
By the speeding ceiling fan.

There remains still the tiny hole,
And my past memories about the bird's role.
Lo! The bleeding lifeless sparrow's body,
Lies in state before me even this day!

(This is a true incident in my life) submitted by rajaram

Lonely God

Another night arrives
And I'm as lonely
As lonely God lives
In the deepest part of the sky.

Another day is born
And I still feel alone
No angels have returned
Still alone is waiting God.

We humans have to cry
Cause we chose a deadly road
Lonely waits in paradise
A loving father, whose name is God.

Evil is striking daily
And we are daily giving up
Violence punishes our daily living
People are killing in the name of God.

I know that you can hear me...
I will soon go back to home
This night the Earth I'm leaving
You will no longer be a lonely God."

Submitted by Salvador Noguera JR

Mind's Eye

From The Marshy quagmire to the holy church spire,
Listening to the mellifluous vibes of a young choir.
Wave thy wand .. Ye Sorcerer! Take me on these winds of Change!
From the Hycyranian wildernesses to the Appalachian meadow....
I am on life's rejuvenating flight .. yearning to look below!
See Thy fragrance, smell thy tunes....
Am I kissing the Alps or breathing your petty fumes?
Blue Siberia, The Green Prairies and the Yellow Gobi.
Nature's coiffure is as pristine as mother's sanctity.
Is this heaven or God's earth?
Thou shalt know when your heart flutters in mirth.
Childhood Brings us innocent yearnings....
With the grains of sand they turn into selfish mourning.
Why does our vile coat gather dust?
Can't we realize that everything is not a must?
Conquer thyself and bring down the walls which sequester us.
Lest we cling on to these very bricks like moss!

Submitted by Abhishek Garodia

The Actress

I see you there, flashing your smile,
Those stretched lips and perfect teeth have been there for quite a while.
Those innocent eyes and that diamond necklace glistening,
That nod of the head and you supposedly, intently listening.
On top of your head, pulled back, your Barbie blonde mop,
Those neat nails with a nice finish on top.

But what lies inside your mind I ask?
I guess being you is not an easy task.
But why are you concealed in skin not your own?
And pretend to be understanding and so fully grown.
You are not living in a fairy tale, my dear,
And you do not play the role of a princess, my dear.

Your insides scream and tear you apart,
Like a dragon, rip and destroy you apart.
I wish the best of luck and I do pity you,
I know who you pretend you are is not really true.
But yeah, you are an actress with money you know,
And you live your life by putting on a show.

Submitted by Ania Preneta

My Lord

Many people touch our lives,
But it takes someone special to give that something extra,
That impacts on others throughout their lives,
Someone who listens, someone who cares.
Someone who is non judgmental and really understands,
Someone who when you feel down holds out a hand,
Is always there for you and never turns you away,
That someone is you, you were my beacon on a dark night.
You cheered me up and helped me to see the light,
You listened to my fears and troubles all night,
You never passed comment or judged me for all the wrongs I spoke,
I just felt your presence and some strange inner feeling was telling me I would be alright.
I closed my eyes and opened my heart and I am sure these words you spoke unto me,
I am nothing special, but I am here in your darkest hour and the light of day,
I ask nothing of you, except to ask you to pray.
Keep faith, have hope, share my faith,
And out of the darkest night you will find a bright new day.
Was it you Lord? I couldnít honestly say,
But I know Iíve found the courage to face another day,
And believe, You are very special to me!

Submitted by Kate Dowd

Remember When

Remember when we were best friends,
Now all you do is drink.
Remember when we had family get-togethers,
Now it's just me.
Remember when you said you loved me,
Now you don't even hug me.
Remember when you were there when I cried,
Now you are there only for your own tears.
Remembering all the good times hurts me, because,
Now when I look at you, things will never be the same.

Submitted by Lori Cudaback

My Mother's Burial

On a bright, cold day in February,
my mother was put in the ground.
All the family, all her friends,
stood quietly gathered round.

The practiced voice of her pastor
droned the words I hated to hear,
"God rest her soul", he spoke,
to the people gathered near.

My sisters cried and my brothers
stood with faces made of stone.
While inside every person's head,
their thoughts were theirs alone.

I tried to keep the tears in check,
we wanted to remain strong.
But some slipped out despite my will,
as they played the organ songs.

The minutes passed so quickly,
it seemed as if I'd dreamt.
Soon the pastor said, "That's it",
and ushered us from the tent.

Shaking hands, and patting shoulders
we walked to waiting cars,
some went for a dinner,
and some went to a bar.

Mom would have liked the ritual,
and talking to old friends.
Perhaps she was there with us,
smelling flowers, in the wind.

©2001 David E. Fuson. All rights reserved.

Now I Understand

O silent heaven
O silent man,
Where can I find water,
In this dry and barren land?
That ends this pang of hunger,
And quenches this insatiable thirst,
For long I have wearily wondered,
But still I struggle on to search.

O whispering heaven
O whispering man,
What are you trying to tell me,
I still donít understand.
Please speak a little louder,
The world is full of noise,
Iíve been searching long for answers,
But still I canít hear your voice.

O shouting heaven
O shouting man,
I canít do the work,
Of a skilled masterís hand.
No one sees my efforts,
Only you know that I try,
How can I serve you any better,
But by giving away my life.

O consoling heaven
O consoling man,
I know the life you gave,
Was part of a bigger plan.
I see the desert as a forest,
Abundant with life and wander,
The answers have been right before me,
Even as Iíve pondered.
I see the mountains for the valleys,
Because of the depth and height,
They have all been directly proportional,
To my mountain joys and valley fights.

O gracious high heaven
O gracious redeeming Lord,
Youíve saved me from myself and others,
For you have greater things in store.
Youíve known all my troubles,
And blessed the work of my hands,
With peace of mind I turn to you,
Because now I understand.

Submitted by Shane Hayes


I wake up in the morning, the birds are singing and the sun is shining bright,
I get ready to go out, maybe to go shopping or a short walk.
Whom shall I see, whom shall I meet?
Then in an instant the clouds seem to form, raindrops begin to fall from the sky,
The birds aren't singing, it's cold what can it be?

A sudden realization, mom you're not here with me,
The tears from my eyes are falling gently on my face,
I'm cold and I'm lonely, it really hurts when faced with reality.
If only, if only, but I know that can't be,
Then I remember the day you died and the promise I made in my heart.

I promised mom, for the family I would try to be strong, I tell you mom it's a hard thing to do,
When all my waking thoughts are surrounded by the pain of losing you.
But again, I think of the impact you had on my life, you were carefree and kind,
You were a wonderful friend who taught me to be strong.
Now the birds are singing, the clouds are gone and in their place is a beautiful Rainbow.

I know, I know, mom you are safe, free from pain, happy and smiling again,
Today it is your birthday, what bigger accolade could you have?
You're up there dancing in the clouds with the angels side by side.
Mom life without you will never be the same, but mom while I live you will never die,
And I thank God above for choosing you to be the one to give me life.

Submitted by Kate Dowd

Poetry From Heaven

Where sunrays bring forth the light,
A miracle of wonder,
As a flowering bud now ready to unfold,
A rose, perfumed petals soft to touch,
That of a kiss from God upon the cheek,
Would be a rose so sweet plucked from His heart,
Words He need not speak;
To be a flower chastised with drops of dew,
Would it to be a rose blessed, His unspoken love,
A Poem sent from heaven?

Submitted by Thelma Elizabeth Barkman

Five Poems Submitted by Tammy Cooper

~~~~~This Moment~~~~~

This moment in time,
When you and I were one,
Grows deep within my heart,
The passion consumes me,
Every moment I think of you,
With every beat of my heart,
You are there,
With every tear that comes to my eye's,
Let's me know how much I really miss you,
Your loving hands,
Your gentle touch,
I cherish you this much,
Every kiss I feel on my lips,
Every night when I dream of you,
The softness,
Against the inevitable truth,
The truth,
My heart is yours,
I am one with you,
Our souls collide,
To join and to be together,
In time.

For you my love.



Mystic Fire
Glowing higher
Shadowing glaze
Of burnt desire
Running burn of passionate flow
Tender curse of pain below

Fiery blaze
Of epic gloom
Burning of singe
Fresh smoldering flame
And bubbling blood

Skin shrinking
Into the demon's den
To be eaten
And never brought forth


The lines of her soul
Only the fire to behold
As the sun shined down
It showed the brilliance
Of a delicate rose.



Words that sink so deep
Within your soul
You cannot breathe

Words so harsh
That you have no
Chance to respond

Words so wicked
They tear thru you
Like a dull knife

Words so bitter
You can taste them
On your lips
For the rest of your life.



We slowly walked to the dance floor,
Your arms wrapped around me,
This dress,
I swore, I would wear one last time.

Although, it fell loosely on me,
No curves of my body, to be seen,
You said, "I looked beautiful."

I felt your arms, holding me close,
Your hands so powerful on my back,
The energy, I could feel from you,
Only to lose it with a single move.

My chest nestled, close to yours,
Feeling you breathe,
As mine sunk into your every exhale.

My head laying on your shoulder,
Hearing you whisper,
I love you's in my ear,
On this dance floor.

The lights dimmed,
Memories come rushing back,
Of all the times you kissed my cheek,
and thought it was good-bye,
But, I wanted to be with you,
I stayed alive.

This dance, so slow, so unforgettable,
I raise my head and see the sparkle in your eyes for me,
As a shiny tear rolls down your cheek,
I kiss you softly.

The pain in my heart,
Is overwhelmed by this love I have for you,
My soul drifting away,
Glory bound.

So still, so entrancing,
This last dance with you,

Submitted by Tammy Cooper

Amazing thoughts of you invade my mind,
While a restless heart grows more desperate without you.
Now daydreaming of your touch, longing for more, aching for your kiss.
Grateful, I will be, for just one word of love for me to pass from your lips.
Everyday without you, my love, is torture for my soul.
Listening to the sounds of your voice brings a tear to my eye.
I am filled with happiness.

Submitted by Strawberry Lover

 Beyond My Comprehension

Did you see? The flowers are dead,
the sun is gone.
People in darkness are walking around.
What's wrong with this world?

It's strange, it's simply unfair,
somebody's crying, not you.
What wrong have I done?
I'm really confused in this world.

Did you see? The birds are dead,
the song is gone.
People in silence are walking around.
What's wrong with this world?

It's weird, it's really so long,
somebody is talking, not me.
What bad have I done?
Am I still in this world?

Did you see? The wisdom is dead,
common sense is gone.
People in madness are walking around.
Who'll rescue this world?

Submitted by Jolita Borkowska

As the ocean waves crashed in
and tide pools glistened in the sun,
there was a gentle melody playing
like children having fun,

And with each wave that surfaced
caressing the ocean shore,
Seemed to be nature calling
from Gods almighty door,

The light slowly diminished
as the sun touched the sea,
And all of His creation
Was picturesque before me,

And never before that moment
Did I know my love for her,
as I wept for her loss
amongst the ocean stir,

Neither tide pools on the beach
nor all of the oceans calm,
would contain my heartache
for knowing she was gone,

And as I walked until daylight
I could only stop and pray,
for she will always be a blessing
My love in every way.

Submitted by Kenneth Scott Agen

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