Poetry Requests by Poet Emmo

Before his death, Poet Emmo would write poems for anybody who would request a special poem, either for their self or perhaps a loved one. These poems are now very special and they will be left on this page for all to see, enjoy and inspire.
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Requested original custom poetry from Poet Emmo With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Emmo passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  I will maintain this website in his memory, Poet Emmo's webmaster.
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Special Poetry Requests Composed by Poet Emmo before his death

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Happy Birthday Grandma

The sweetest of all,
The sweetest Nan you are,
You are loved and cherished by one and all,
The very best Nan by far.

The interests you have you share,
Always there to show you care,
So Nana dear from me to you,
My love always so simply true.

For darling Nana you are on the ball,
Head up high as you walk tall,
Darling Nanny not much else for me to say,
You are loved in the nicest way.

And now that time is once more here,
We raise our glasses in good cheer,
Happy Birthday,
Darling Nana.

Especially penned by Poet Emmo for Lisa Kirkbride and her Grandma

Beseeching Love

Why must I love you from afar,
For you mean so much to me?
Could we please review the situation,
And see what love at what station?

I want and need your heart and life,
To be my loving soul.
So as I say to you my dear,
Please give a thought to me.

Please would you be my wife,
And start a brand new life?
Or at the least be my friend,
For the rest of time and life?

I am a soul in despair,
Yet do want to leave it there.
I want to spend my life with you,
Being loving being true.

I love you deep and so much,
Hoping this has been the touch.
So darling please come to me,
My love will set you free.

Especially penned for Erick Zamarripa by Poet Emmo


Friends are there for you,
To listen to your woes,
You may grasp my friendship,
In you hand, as everybody knows.

I am always there for you,
That's what friends are for,
So open up to me and find,
I shall never leave you behind.

I will share your life as a friend,
And I mean until the end,
I can alleviate any pain,
It will not return again.

I have loved you as my friend,
And I will until the end,
Please know I am there for you,
As you are there for me too.

Open up that secret heart,
It must not tear us apart,
Your heart is there for inspection,
So let us pull in the right direction.

Especially penned for Tanya Goetschel by Poet Emmo

My Brother

Well my darling brother,
Another year has passed,
God just took you from us,
To keep you from more harm.

The year has seemed for ever,
You are missed more every day,
I sit lonely asking myself,
Why were you taken away?

Even God cannot answer,
Yet I feel that I understand,
He watched you suffer far too much,
Thus held out his hand.

I shall come to terms with it,
If God will answer my prayer,
But brother dear it is sad for me,
As you darling brother are no longer there.

Now you are in heaven,
And so far away from harm,
God will take good care of you,
Once he sees your charm.

So my sweetest brother,
My heart just simply aches,
I now ask myself what and why,
He appears not to take the fakes.

Although you now are resting,
As each November comes around,
We tend to miss you more and more,
As silence is the sound.

Rest in peace my brother,
For one day we shall meet,
And should God be good,
Darling brother it will be a happy greet.

Especially penned for Cheryl by Poet Emmo

Why Daddy Why?

Daddy how we miss you,
For you are not around,
We are growing up so fast,
And gaining lots of ground.

Please Daddy come to see,
My little sister and me,
We really love you Daddy,
And that will always be.

Did we ask you to go,
And the answer to that is NO,
So Daddy please come and see,
Your youngest daughter and me.

With grown up people they argue,
And children are held to blame,
Daddy yes we love you,
Without you its not the same.

Please do not hold us to ransom,
Come home if only to see,
The two of us together,
My little sister and me.

Specially penned by Poet Emmo for Angela

My Sleeping Babe

Baby being laid to rest,
Makes the heart feel light,
Yet the smile upon the face,
Gives reason for some light.

You will never be forgotten,
For you are etched within the heart,
Although you are sleeping peacefully,
We will never ever be apart.

Specially penned by Poet Emmo for Mrs. Natasha White

Looking Back

Daddy was a greaser many years ago,
I especially love him and wish for him to know,
So many varied interests he has had,
That is what makes him such a special loving dad.

He loves old cars and lots of things,
And things that are very near,
But mostly of which I have found,
Anything to do with John Deere.

A past time that he had,
Was a habit which was bad,
Chewed Copenhagen for a while,
And when he gave that up we all did smile.

He is by far the best dad that there is,
In fact with everything he does,
He is certainly a special kind of whiz,
So daddy dearest never lose your fizz.

Old steam engines to the fore,
And antiques to the back,
To live with him is something else,
For life with him is never ever a bore.

So daddy please do not alter,
Just stay the way you are,
And have a happy sixty birthday year,
For Daddy you are really the best by far.

Specially penned for Debbie's Dad's sixtieth birthday by Poet Emmo

So Special To Me

My Darling you know I love you,
And without saying, it should go,
No one else could love you,
The special way I do.

We have trodden very many paths,
And we have seen the rough,
Yet darling we are together,
Simply, for you are very tough.

I love you with all my heart,
Darling I love you even more,
Than yesterday as you know,
And much more than the day before.

As every day passes,
The love is Oh! so strong,
And I shall go on loving you,
For Darling that cannot be wrong.

So special lady in my life,
Many more happy anniversaries,
So many more to come,
And many more when we are man and wife.

I love you for all time,
Will a kiss a day suffice,
And Darling it goes without saying,
A hug will do us both nice.

I Love you.

Specially penned for Michael and his loved one by Poet Emmo

To The Dedication Of Gertie and Ev

A couple so devoted in everything they do,
Looking out for people, when why and who.
They started to feed people, many years ago,
Everybody loves them, yes this is rightly so.
They opened up a kitchen called Loaves and Fishes,
Coupled with a ministry, was the place to go.
Gertie was a lovely lass who loved Ev more than people knew,
And when they served up real nice food, people loved their stew.
They did all of this together, the enjoyment of their life,
Helping humans daily, and never causing strife.
This is a real nice story of Ev and loving wife,
Now they have finally come to a halt, the task was so very hard.
This poem is dedicated to the both of them, much better than a card.
So as Gertie and Ev now have retired, God will bless them so,
Please folks all raise your glasses, as on their way they go.

Specially penned for Gertie and Ev, for their lovely Christian life.
All the very best of wishes, from the Poet Emmo.

Locked Within My Heart

I heard your voice upon the phone,
From then on in I never felt alone.
Something sparked inside my head,
Yes my brain had spoken and it had said,
Maybe this Steve is the man for me,
And now we are together, you are definitely for me.
This heart of mine does the daily thing,
And fills this life of mine with pure zing.
I love the way the things you say and do,
Well there maybe just one or two,
That I would like to change in you.
But gently I wish to say,
I am a woman in my rightful way,
Please do not ask me to alter over much,
For Steve my Darling, I love you so much.
I love you deep with all my heart,
Never wishing that we might part,
For Darling Steve I have found in you,
Lasting love, and OH! so true,
Please darling could you try to say,
These three little words as time goes by,

Specially penned for Bobbie by Poet Emmo.

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